Inelia Benz- Crossing Time and Space

There are so many things that have occurred since the beginning of the 9th Wave, I don’t know really where to begin.

Let´s start with a recent viewing of Inelia Benz´s video by Project Avalon. Bill Ryan interviewed Inelia, who, in my opinion, appears to be an Inner Plane Ascended Master Being.  She claims to never have previously incarnated in the human form and something inside me just believes her. Despite the fact that she is incredibly eloquent, as if the words are coming directly from her being and not through the “human program” that we operate through here on Earth, and despite her compelling stories, I could just feel that she is not your regular human incarnate.  But more important than classifying “what she is”, was the overnight effect I experienced after watching her on video.

Here is the link:   Inelia Benz Project Avalon

Stories can be manufactured. Yet, my own personal experiences, (discredited by scientists as mere anectodal evidence which cannot be reproduced under controlled conditions) to me are valid. If I experience something, how can anyone say that what I experienced is invalid or unreal?   During the video,  I telepathically asked Inelia to help me rediscover my mission on Earth. Basically, I felt that I had failed somehow in my mission; perhaps I felt I had even been dissuaded from following it  due to implants or psychic interference. Despite previous requests to my Higher Self for this same clarification, overnight I had a dream illuminating a potential assignment that I was free to choose to accept, and especially germane to my current living situation here in Berlin.

Now, call it a coincidence; perhaps my dream originated from my own deep desire to know where I am on my path. Yet, I have requested this information before and never received such a clear sign.  Indeed, I feel that Inelia was a catalyst, due to her exceptionally strong energy.  She touched me through time and space, she answered my call for help, and I was shown, through my own dream language, exactly what I had asked counsel on.

I´ve now figured that I´ve been pretty much on my path as a crystal, but perhaps not as consciously as I could have been. For ages I´ve felt that my only real duty here is to vibrate as much love and light is possible, to be a carrier of divine love with the view to help lift energies of the planet. A bit broad, yes, but the only thing that ever felt absolutely ´right´. Perhaps this is why I felt such a instant connection to Inelia- her work is fundamentally the same, yet on a grander scale.

I live in Berlin, a city destroyed by bombs during WWII and imprinted with atrocities against the Jewish people by the Nazis. I was shown this in my dream and it became clear upon awakening that I have an opportunity to help clear these negative energies or imprints from this vibrant city, because I NOW live here (I tend to move around a lot).  It is also no wonder that my flat is located in one of the most run-down areas of Berlin, with a square where junkies and alchoholics spend their days. (No judgement here).  As a conscious being, I can choose to place myself in certain areas and invoke the power of the I AM presence to help shift the negativity that lingers as a result of what happened during the Third Reich.

I encourage you to give the video a go. Who knows, maybe you will also be energetically touched by viewing it, or download some other much needed information. Open your heart and mind while viewing it and try to put your critical faculties aside.  Watch it openly, allowing the possibility for spontaneous healing or a shift in your vibration to occur.  We are all connected, regardless of time or space.  So whether Inelia is sitting next to us, or in front of us on a screen, we should be able to derive some benefit from her generosity and willingness to help, as long as we ask for it.

With very much love,



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