Summer Solstice Creativity Exercise

As a lightworker and dreamweaver, you rely on your intuition, higher self and your heart to guide you through the unknown because a lot of the time, you are moving at a different pace to the people in your friends circle. Often, you´re going it alone and have no real concrete guidance in the traditional sense of the word.  I have been on  this strange path for sometime, and it seems that for me, everything has to be worked out on an inner level before I can expect to make flying progress on an issue.  I am often guided towards solutions, but I´ve got to be  listening and playing the game. There has to be a level of co-creation involved.

Most of the time I can access the next steps through meditation and often I get direction from my dreams. But when I am feeling stagnant and that I am missing the point, I trust my higher self to show me the way through others. Enter the internet. God, what I would do without it!

There are many others doing fantastic work on different levels right now. There are those working emotionally, digging deep to heal wounds for all of humanity. Others are working on energetic grids, holding energy patterns, and healing geographic locations. There are communicators and healers and teachers. There are people doing things  I can barely get my head around.  So I let my heart guide me to pages and articles and I invariably find exactly the information or “seed” that I need.

This post springs from one such seed. I was gently reminded not to forget about the visions I want for the Earth. Now, generally I spend the bulk of my days FEELING what I want for the new Earth. I want love! I want joy! All that good stuff. But perhaps because I was still sitting on the fence with regards to one aspect of a timeline I want to commit to, I have not been actively spending time envisioning that “story”.  The truth is, there is an emotional wound along the timeline I am trying to coast on.  It´s a big one. Until I work on this human holographic imprint, I will not be able to engage the energetic integrity necessary for me to charge the timeline with any real power.

Like I said, I normally work through emotional issues and embark on new spiritual learning spirals based on my interpretaion of cosmic energies.  I left this post to stew yesterday and wouldn´t you know, had an interesting night full of processing that allowed for its completion today.  I woke up with a bunch of inner work to do and got right down digging and writing about what I am finding left to clean up in my emotional body.  After my clearing exercise, I felt the shift almost immediately, floating up gently to a ring in the next spiral. Anxieties that had been nagging at me for the last few weeks were quelled. Residues of energetic debris needed to be cleared for me to piggyback the energies at hand and get the gem.  We are entering a creation cycle on steroids.

This theme has shown up repeatedly to me since the lunar eclipse at the December solstice.  That´s why I agree with so many others that shifts in learning and healing work in spirals. They show up….lull……and then come back intensified.  A few times I caught myself frustrated, saying “I just don´t know what I want, yet!”  Now almost a week after the solstice, ta-da! some perspective.   I was basically told, if you can´t get off the fence and decide what it is you want to be, what you want to spend your time on and what you want to come out of your present energy expenditure, by default you will piggyback onto some vague, mediocre timeline.  Brilliant! How many highly successful people have said that you need to know where you are going before you can expect to arrive anywhere?

I drafted my new personal timeline this morning. It was a fun creative activity and when I finished polishing the edges and making some firm decisions, I put it on my crystal table in my 5th dimensional personal pyramid to charge. This is an exercise I do in my mind´s eye- the pyramid exists interdimensionally. If you would like more info into the detailed mechanics of this exercise, please leave a comment below.

Like many others are also writing, I strongly concur that the second half of 2011 is bringing very accelerated energies to usher in a new age, and it´s time we really stepped up to the plate. In a reading for Steve Beckow, AA Michael  mentioned that after June many of us would be “graduating”. I, too feel this.

Continue with your deep healing, looking outward in your environment and interactions with others for clues to the inbalances or karmic residue in your inner lives.  Also take the time to sit quietly and write or meditate regularly on what still needs to be healed.  This purification work and emotional healing is so vitally important now to be able accept  and benefit from the wholeness of pure unconditional love that is shining throughout our planet now. It is this pure vibration that will bring us individually and collectively to a new level of creation. We must begin really to create out of a place of love and wholeness;  not lack or insecurity or limitation. Abandonment issues, feeling rejected by our peers or by our parents. The old paradigm of a vengeful god that judges us based on our performance. The inability to trust others or accept outside help for fear that we will be manipulated or injured. The inability to see the value in ourselves as creators and not victims of cruelty.  These are only a few examples of the types of wounds that need to be healed for our collective to move forward!

If we are to accept the summer solstice as the entry point into the new age, we must fully align ourselves with our new timelines. Stonehenge comes to mind, where Earth, sun, moon, are all in alignment and alight a gateway to a new dimension.  It begins deep in each of us.  Where do you want to be in all this? What do you choose to spend your time on? Who do you want to be? What are your roles in the new timeline? How do you wish to express your joy and abundance?  Don´t be shy, leave a comment!

Happy dreaming,

With very much love, Croaker.


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