Playing Catch Up

As a wanna-abe writer and blogger, there are times when I feel it´s unfair to readers to post when I don´t have anything groundbreaking to write about.  Okay, that was dishonest- let´s try it again. As a wannabe writer, I know that if I think there´s nothing to write about, I am hiding behind an excuse. A good writer can always take an experience and forge some wordscene out of it.  Dear readers, I have left you stranded in blog-land and I´m sorry. Today I vow to bring you up to speed on what´s been going on Spiritually chez moi all summer. That´s right, I haven´t posted since the end of July.

It was an intense summer due to the July bookend eclipses and f you read other  lightworker blogs, you´ll see that mostly everyone found  July  physically and emotionally challenging.  I, myself came down with the ascension flu: Extreme body chills, headache, sinus issues and a weakness that kept me in bed for two days.  It happened again at the lunar eclipse. Those who observe solar flare activity enlightened me with their findings. My physical symptoms came on right at the time when little solar explosions were happening in the sun. They were not delayed to account for travel time; in fact, I was feeling the effects of those storms in my body about a day before they happened.  Goes to show you how time and space are transcended once you´ve got one foot in the 4th dimension.

The strangest symptom that until now I hadn´t really put much thought into is a painful tingling sensation under the skin. It starts usually around my hips or thighs and can stay there for 3 days, or sometimes moves up the body, following a kundahlini trajectory, lasting for up to a week.  It feels like my cells themselves are changing or morphing, and it hurts like hell. The skin is too sensitive to touch and even wearing clothes is painful.  I remember this feeling from last year and simply attributed it to pms because I could find no other reasonable explanation for it, but looking to January and February 2011, the December Solstice, and now the bookend eclipses in July, I´ve gained an understanding that my body may indeed be changing on a cellular level.

Another strange symptom also brought clarity that has since put me on a gluten free and casein free diet.  I woke up one day with such pain in my throat that I couldn´t swallow.  Normally I don´t go to doctors unless I am convinced I need to go. I was surprised when the naturopath said I had a clean bill of health, so I insisted on bloodwork, thinking I might have had an infection.  The blood work showed diminished capacity to absorb nutrients from my food and a bell went off in my head. This wasn´t the first time I´d faced malabsorption issues. But I had never been accruately diagnosed as Celiac despite having many of the symptoms. I later came to understand that my guides´ pushing for me to have bloodwork at the doctor was a way for me to face up to a drastic dietary change.  After dreaming about fasting, meditating on my dietary needs, and wondering if the skin pain might be alleviated by my cleaning up my diet (us lightgrounders do love our cookies and bread!) I decided to give up gluten and casein, and I began the process with a fast.  These dietary changes are difficult to adopt from one day to the next because you have to plan a lot, not my strong point when it comes to food.  But there are many great blogs on eating without gluten, and combined with a hypnosis download, I´ve now been on my GFCF diet for 7 weeks.  The last time I had the skin symptom, it was significantly less intense and only lasted for 3 days instead of 7.

This has been the main focus of my summer, plus another round of emotional body and karma clearing in keeping with the purification theme.  I do believe that we have an amazing opportunity to be transformed by a new influx of energies on Oct. 28 and Nov. 11th, but to be able to capture the most benefit from these waves, we need to clear out our gunk.  Also, I think the shifts will be physically less painful the “cleaner” we are.  So,  I started with my physical body, then had a holographic karmic therapy clearing, and  I have since upped my decrees. Asking the Archangels and Ascended Masters for help in clearing my physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies and using the violet flame to work on karmic attachments is my current focus.  I am aware that these energies are there for us if we feel we deserve the help, but they must be invoked and asked for.

So until next time we meet, get out in nature as much as you can to neutralize the effects of the city, and to hear your inner voice, and to take in the wonderful frequencies that the trees, mountains and earth are holding right now.  If we sit in nature, we can absorb those same frequencies that are at their highest in undisturbed rural areas.

I promise to write a shorter, more concise post next time, and hope you will come back to read.

Enjoy the last days of summer,

love Croaker.


5 responses to “Playing Catch Up

  1. It’s wonderful to see you back. 🙂

    • Thanks, pell. Didn´t know you were still around! How are things? xx

      • I’m okay, sometimes I feel a bit muddled (if that’s even a word). And yes, sure, I’m still around. How are you?

      • Muddled, huh? I know the feeling! Lots of changes going on, internal and external. Doing just fine, thanks. I go through waves: rest, then a leap of change, then I process it, rest…and repeat! Hugs to you (and be nice to yourself!)

  2. (:
    When I’ll be in Berlin again I’d like to take part in one of your workshops.

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