Start Your Engines: Revving up for the 11´s

Almost at the Finish LineEven I am amazed at how fast things are speeding up (and on more than one level). There´s a feeling of something very important looming ahead. In fact, it´s because the game is coming to an end and we are aiming to kick one right between the goal posts. 11.11.11. is a gateway, a portal for the highest frequency of benevolent energies we´ve yet to see on our planet since the time of Atlantis.

The end of “no time” of the Calleman Mayan Calendar is on October 28, which purports to mean an end to the 3D hologram as we know it and the ushering in of the 4th (and then later, 5th). Now dates are a 3D concept, so the upgrade of many lightworkers´operating systems and the upgrade of Gaia´s consciousness (which is directly related to the humans embodying it) needn´t happen any particular day, persé. But if we are to believe in a cosmic clock- a divine plan that prophecizes the end of 3D, then we can assume that the energies are going to be increasing around a certain divinely established date. The consensus is this happens when we fully enter the photon belt and align to a precise cosmic constellation which will support this kind of “stargate”. The 11.11.11 may be significant because as a collective, we are charging the date. Personally, my experience with energy upgrades is that they are related to moons and constellations, not to numbers. September 21st, the solstice came and went like any other day; but the 24, a few days later, wiped me out.

On a mundane level, the entrance to 4D is in full view as social movements are sweeping through the USA, Europe and the Arab world.  Humans are taking back the planet. They are waking up. They are demanding an end to real wars and the class wars. If you listen to any of the interviews of people protesting on Wall Street, they´ll tell you- they realize they have been asleep as corporations and governments got rich at their expense,  but now they are fed up. This is a HUGE milestone in our species´history and it explicitly shows how ready we are to move into a more equal, peaceful, prosperous society, with a view to sustainability and community, (4D) away from the 3D  fear-based programming of competition, corporate greed and one man for himself.

The Occupy Wall Street Protests have gathered momentum depite the media´s attempts to contain the movement by restricting and censoring reports, and we are now seeing the 99% organizing protests and peaceful demonstrations in countries ALL OVER THE WORLD.  This is  what many lightworkers and “conspiracy” theorists have been waiting (a really long freaking time) for.  As such, I encourage you to find out where your  meeting point will be for the demonstrations in your city on Saturday, October 15.  You can get more information for this worlwide event at But the 15th is next weekend, so get on with it!   I am personally thrilled with this development and I see it as the natural extenstion of the Arab Spring. When that was happening I wanted to hit the streets right away with my cardboard signs but was instead guided to “hold my horses”, and now I know why. The momentum had to build. If we had acted back then, we wouldn´t have had the numbers that we see now. People just weren´t ready and the 99% rallies were still being conjured up in the primordial cosmic soup.

Now, on a more mutli-dimensional level, lightworkers might be feeling like they´re in a race or dreaming about rushing to catch a train before the doors close (okay, maybe just me.)  The race is to “connect the dots” all over the world. Lightworkers are being impulsed or otherwise directed to align with the powerful energies coming around the 11.11.11 gateway. Lightworkers, this is what you have incarnated to do, and now the push comes to shove. Now is when you get to step up to the plate.  It is finally time. Are you ready? Do you know what to do?

Alignment with the 11  (high heart) portal means being empty enough to be able to download the new activation codes for you to begin to embody your 5D self.  It means finishing up clearing all your guck and releasing those last vestiges of emotional trauma and past hurts that prevent you from embodying the highest form of unconditional love. It means completely letting go of your 3D operating system so you can embrace a new way of living, with you as All That Is at the centre.  We are literally going to have the chance to BE our higher selves.

If you have been feeling insecure, or maybe reading this material you think you are not ready or not good enough for the descent of the holy spirit/ higher self into your bodily temple, you shouldn´t be. It´s not helping you- and you´ve got to find a way over it. I, too, was worried about some karma I was not sure I had cleared. It was bothering me. And right on cue, I had a lovely healing dream the other night that has allowed me now to relax knowing that I have “paid my dues”. Trust the process and ask your Higher Self or your guides for help!

(I went up a huge flying escalator to a library where I took all my library books back. I had my entire family with me (soul group) The clerk stamped all my books, received them and I knew then that I had “paid my dues”.  This was a great validation of the personal work I´ve been doing on my emotional issues, which polarize in the chakras and project outwards from there, re-creating those same traumas until you clear them.   As an aside, I´ve mentioned before how toning is an amazing activity to help diffuse and break up these “negatively charged crystals” in your chakras. I promise to write a post on toning very soon, to help you guys who are now ready to get on with it. I also give a workshop called the I AM Mastery Series that helps you to begin to clear out your gunk in the chakras. The beginner´s course works on the first 3 lower ones and is very gentle. It´s only 40 euros, so if you´re in Berlin and you´re interested, get in touch.)

For those who know they´ve been working on their issues and have been feeling physical ascension symptoms, you know how our bodies are being upgraded to be able to synchronize with our higher running consciousness.  This is what is the 11 Gateway is about. It is a surge of energy, an opportunity to align with our higher selves or 5D self and bring that down and ground it into your body (and into the earth). Then, when we “fire the grid”, we will be all working together to bring up the Earth through our own light portals into the 4th dimension. This is the first step of the ascension process.  Movement into 5D will happen at the end of 2012.

Lightworkers who understand what I mean by the above should also note that with the 11.11.11 activation come new abilities, and access to a multi-dimensional OS will help you to finally fulfil the role you have been waiting for your whole life. That´s right, your whole life. You know the one I´m talking about.  In the back of your mind you´ve felt that you came here, you incarnated for a special reason. To DO something. Indeed, you came here to fulfil a promise to Gaia and help lift her up out of 3D through your own energetic light body And some of you will also be wayshowers for the rest of the population just starting to wake up. By coming “online” into your multi-dimensional self, you will have exactly you need to help others with their transistions out of 3D and into alignment with the ascension timeline.

These are very exciting times!  I urge you to up your meditation routine and get in touch with your multi-dimensional self. I was given a special code, a beautiful living symbol a while back that initiated me for the 11´s.  I couldn´t process it at the time but I kept on with my spiritual practice, I kept up with my decrees and I surfed the internet looking for a site that would match the vibration I needed to bring me to the next level.  I trusted in my higher process, sometimes even ignoring it, and it happened anyway.

One last thing: I feel this is perhaps the most important website (and spiritual being running the site) I have come across in many years; I share it with you for your exploration.  Visit Stankov´s Universal Law Press.  You´ll know instantly whether to align yourself with it.  It´s a portal.

I am unbelievably excited!  With many blessings and a great hooray, we´ve made it so far!!

Love, Croaker.


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