Eclipse Workshop

workshop for eclipse energies

As the eclipses in Gemini and Saggitarius start to heat up (read insane), I thought it would be prudent to offer an emergency workshop on December 17th at 5pm.  It will be a short meditation crash course combined with discussion on how to use the eclipse energies for your own personal progress.  I would like to have offered the course this weekend, but I will be in Hamburg celebrating my birthday (curious how that will go).  

Contact me with the form to sign up. Cost is only 4 euros.   In the meanwhile, take time to meditate and make sure to examine your outer life for signs of what is no longer working. Eclipses bring to light “the weakest link”. Sometimes it´s a relationship that needs to evolve or break off, sometimes it´s a role you play, sometimes it´s a value that needs to shift.  It will manifest usually on an emotional level, i.e. you get depressed, you start questioning your motivations and your happiness.  If you are less introspective, or if you stubbornly refuse to ask certain questions, an eclipse will mark a drama unfolding in your physical life.  Pay attention to it, as there is where the weakest link will be hiding.

If you are interested in posting a comment, I´d love to hear how you´ve been affected by eclipses in the past.

Best wishes,



3 responses to “Eclipse Workshop

  1. Hi Debra..
    I have been driving for many years and have never given cause to be pulled over for anything. I have diligently followed all the rules of the road all these years, driving defensively and watching out for other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike, and it has served me well. As a driver I have never hurt anyone. Although I have indeed been involved in two minor collisions (rear-ended at a stop sign, and sideswiped in a parking lot) the legal fault always rested in the impatience of the other driver. In fact, in all these years, I have never even been issued a parking ticket, that is how committed to being a thoughtful driver I have been. But during the weekend of the eclipse, that changed. It is a rather long and convoluted story but suffice it to say that I was not in the wrong this time either, despite the fact that the incident involved the police car itself. Although I was ahead of the police car and already signaling my intention to merge into the next lane (all this in relatively slow moving traffic, I might add) the police car suddenly, and recklessly attempted to move into the same spot at precisely the same time, flashing neither lights to indicate urgency, nor ever signaling the intention to change lanes. Fortunately, the police car veered into the empty on-coming traffic lane and so there was not an actual collision. For their stupidity, I was then treated to a verbal assault of their righteous indignation. Although they threatened to ticket me for “failing to signal” (this being a bold-faced lie since my left signal was flashing even as they were accusing me) there was no ticket issued. In any case, I certainly would have contested it had they done so. I was fortunate to have had a witness in the car at the time but there were also city cameras recording the incident at the intersection we were approaching.

    So, what did I learn from this incident? That the police department is as thoroughly corrupted as all governments are everywhere around the world. But this, I already knew. What I learned that perhaps I didn’t know for certain is that no matter what happens in the times ahead, I will be just fine. I can handle anything. No matter how unbalanced everyone else gets around me, my own centeredness will see me through.

    • Eclipses can be dangerous for travel and active sports, mostly because eclipses make people spacey! Maybe you can think of how protected you are that you weren´t injured and avoided an accident. I don´t want to downplay your run-in with the law, but seems like someone else wasn´t paying attention and you were unfortunately, in the line of fire. Great to hear you have confidence in your own groundedness and you were able to let your experience reiterate that for you. Do you have Sagg or Gemini in your chart?

  2. No, I don’t have any planets in either of these two signs but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of those police officers did. I have no doubt that perpetual alertness is key to staying safe no matter what the environment and circumstances. And I’m happy to know that when it really counts these days, I am fully present and accountable, and not operating on automatic.

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