Red Rock, Australia. (A Dream)

Epic dream, Dec 13, after waking up super early then falling back asleep.   Description and analysis. I may have gotten this dream from Ayer´s Rock herself, as I connect strongly to stones, monoliths and mountains


I am in Australia. I have been here for some time but have never visited Canberra. Vision of enormous red earth rock. Two older women are urging me to visit the rock as well as a large American football stadium.

I am in the football stadium. Boys are goofing around, throwing the football. The stadium is huge, like an earth-shaped dome with open top. Trees but enough sky for the balls to clear them.  One small boy crosses my path. He mumbles something to me, unfriendly, I guess.  I turn around and run after him. He is fast and eludes me for a  while. But I have endurance and eventually I catch him. Especially as he approaches a closed door. Dead end.

I am trying to leave the stadium sphere. I go up and up, climbing to higher levels. They are guarded and the guards tell me I cannot pass.  I keep going up higher, until one last man, in a spider´s web of metal, encourages me to go up, but then attempts to trap me between the metal pipes. He is leading me down and trying to squash me. I realize I may not pass this time, but I do not fear for my life and instead tell him to remember who I am- the Canadian- and he recognizes that I am not tricked by his lies or soothing voice. I know he is trying to kill me by gently moving the pipes into such a constellation that I´ll be crushed. I feel defeated. With this understanding, and my relenting to ascend any further, he lets me escape.

In the football stadium I find a plush Penguin stuffed animal, wearing a white t-shirt with a silver lightening rod and it´s like a sports jersey, all icy blue.  This is the connection between me and the boy (who I had been chasing). It is my symbol and also a way of connecting to him.  I telephone the boy through the penguin. We establish a connection through a series of green and red lights. At first the signal is a bit touchy, then the boy comes through clearly. We have a lovely, mentoring dialogue. I do not know the boy´s name but can recognize his voice distinctly. 

The dialogue goes a bit like this:  I ask him questions. What does your family say about what is going on (in the world)?  What do your friends say? What do your teachers say? What do the newspapers say?  Now, look around you and observe your reality. What do you say? You must not rely on other people´s opinions of what is happening. Use your own faculties and your gut feeling to piece together your own storyline. The dialogue is smooth and comes about as a result of mentoring, teaching, questioning.  We establish trust in this way, as I do not want the boy to rebel against me nor to follow me blindly. He responds to this technique. Now he gives me information about a map, perhaps where he is from, something geographical. Then we hang up.

I need to quickly escape the stadium sphere as it is time. There are footballers and guards hidden on every level and in every corner. The stadium has become like a sprawling labyrinth with many rooms, bunkers and levels. All in that grey, icy blue.  I drop the penguin toy nonchalantly in one place, but intend to drop the map somewhere else as to not endanger the boy by revealing his location to the guards and gatekeepers.

Vision:  invisible ships have been parked all over the earth´s waters for a very long time. They look like pirate sailing ships, not spaceships, but they are invisible.  Now suddenly they are full of people, unsuspecting sheeple wearing red lifejackets and the sea has become very rough. The people are being hoarded together and transported somewhere. 

I am back in contact with the boy, but this time not through the penguin but two sword sheaths with strings like old fashioned telephones.  We establish a line and we speak about education.

 “Things are backwards in the schools”, the boy tells me.  “They tell us the wrong names of battles and other silly information. I know the history and they tell us other endings which aren´t true.”

I agree with him that the controllers (men/ crow figures in red and black)  are telling us things that don´t add up. “They say 2+2 equals 5. Are they training you to be soldiers?”

“They are training us not to question authority. They beat information into us with the sword sheaths until we question it no more.  They are piling everyone into boats, and the people are completely submissive. There is no question of authority”. 

At this point then I hear interference on the line and I know the boy has been picked up by the dark men.  The captor´s voice comes through asking me sweetly where I am, telling me if I want the boy, I can come pick him up if I give away my location.  Instinctively, angrily, I chuck away the sword sheath. I wanted to drown it in the sea but there is no water around, as I am above a city, with concrete everywhere. I throw it down into the traffic flowing along the 401 highway in Toronto. Then I realize that it would be easier to find the boy knowing his location. Silly me, I should have asked! This time I use the other sheath and call the boy directly. After some time he answers, but not right away because he is under surveillance.  I recognize his voice and know it is truly him, surprised that I was able to reach him. He tells me he´s “where the dragons are”.  Then I hear his captors in the background, wondering who he is talking to.  “Are you in a tower, under a river or under a mountain?” I ask.  “The second one”.  Now I know that I need to travel East, to where the dragons are. I am confident I will find the river that the boy is trapped under and rescue him.

The world has become very evil and dark. Danger lurks everywhere and I must be very careful traveling to the East. I begin the journey underground but realize it will be better for me, safer, above ground. I go through doors and up and down stairs. It is still very dark, all in shadow, even above ground. Next door I open, I walk over a table set with food. I stand on a step, ready to exit the next door.  There is an older woman in the room and a man who says, is that you, Penny? Penny is both the son and father. The man´s face and neck are painted in bright, ceremonious colours. I am Penny and I´m dressed as a clown. The man is my father, but I am the older, wiser one.  I contemplate my father and prepare to walk through the door.

End of dream.

My interpretation of the dream has 3 distinct layers. The first is that of accessing my inner voice and inner-most soul and keeping it safe from manipulation through mind control, remote viewing or implants. This refers to an old story of mine which I  experienced throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties. Indeed, in 1999, I even performed my own soul retrieval initiation in an OBE. It is a confirmation of my suspicions that I am being remotely viewed from an astral level. The dream empowers me with information, validation and encouragement,  answering questions I have been mulling over, and showing how I´m still able to hear/ recognize my inner voice clearly, despite any attempts by the dark ones to mislead me or interfere with my psychic transmissions or meditative visions. At the same time, I am cautioned to be wary of psychic work or overtly traveling in the astral realms due to this interference and “spying”. Indeed, I was shown that it´s safer for me to complete my quest “above ground”.

2nd Layer:  It could be that I am tapping into a parallel timeline in which nefarious beings are planning to entrap and harvest souls of sleeping humans, perhaps through ET contact, luring us with spaceships, called the Grand Deception and spoken openly about by George Kavassilas, who is, (now get this), Australian.  This is the final battle of the Antichrist, referred to in Revelations. Only those who are finely attuned to their inner perceptions will be able to distinguish between those they can trust and those who should be their enslavers.  This has been a recurring theme in my life in the form of dreams and visions during meditations. A final grand deception is most likely being planned now and I have picked up this information. I am not on this timeline, but I am tuned into it and can sense it.

At the beginning of the dream I am given information about the setting in Canberra, Australia, which is an indication of being privy to very secret information. Please note that I have never been to Australia, and at this point of writing, I still don´t know what the significance of Canberra on the world stage is. Before this dream, I had never heard the name Canberra (embarrassing now that I find out it´s the capital of Australia and it is the site of parliament and high courts). Upon waking from the dream, I know how to spell the name, that there is a large red (earth) rock (or monolith) that is somehow related, and I also intuit that secret society top level members meet here to discuss their nefarious plans, but I do not know how I know this.

3rd Layer:  Lastly, that I am going through a transformation and next phase of my evolution here as an incarnated entity.  This is symbolized by the penguin turning into a clown called Penny.  I am no longer the icy, rigid, (at times depressed) “penguin” in Germany, where I have played the 3d game (remember the sports jersey?), poured my energy into financial success and have become rather cold and withdrawn, private and reserved.  Now I see a happy, fiery, quite large clown, called Penny. This part of the dream constitutes an intiation into metamorphosis and maturity. I am on a quest to “dragon land” (In Greek myths, heros have to go underground, deep into the psyche to slay dragons).  The circle of life is completed as I contemplate my father´s  ceremoniously painted face,and my own maturity as I stand before the door (symbol of initiation or change). The table with food on it represents nutriment and growth.  I am reminded of my size (power) and age (wisdom), which should help me not to fall victim to any insecurity that I am “getting it wrong” or that I will fail in my quest.

This part of the dream validates an important decision I´ve made about my future, which is to “clown around” a bit more, and not be so serious and rigid (the penguin). In Germany, it is important to save and be successful. Laziness, inactivity are seen as unattractive qualities. These are also trappings of the ego in the 3d time-money matrix. Yet, I will cut down on my working hours in order to explore my artistic side. Painting and writing now will be the mediums through which I explore my “inner” soul even deeper and take my evolution to the next level. This is my path, post 11.11.11. The dream is showing me that this is indeed the right direction for me to take now.


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