Next Workshop 22.01.12

UPDATE:  The next workshop is slated for January 22, 2012, starting at 5pm and running for roughly 2 hours.  Please bring a notebook, pen and a bottle of water.

The workshop for Jan 22 focuses on Root Chakra issues as well as meditation techniques for a calmer mind and happier existence.

Fear of survival, fear of failure, anger, hatefulness, jealousy, bossiness, control issues, helplessness, and blaming others are emotions and behaviors that operate out of the fulcrum of a polarized root chakra.

There will be group work where participants discuss themes related to Root Chakra polarities with the view to identifying outmoded patterns and making the mental step of releasing them. Tools to release the emotional counterpart become available during the workshop as participants explore their own relationships with trust and spiritual sovereignty.

There are no pre-requisites for this course.  Cost of workshop, 5€ per person. Maximum 6 participants.  Please contact to reserve your spot.

For more general information, please click on the tab Workshops.


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