The Apocalypse of New and Different

You´ll notice I referred to the word “apocalypse” in this title. The reason has to do with drawing attention to how this word has such negative, doom and gloom connotations thanks to Hollywood.  It is important now, since we have entered 2012, that we finally pay attention to this word and learn to derive the correct meaning for it.  What is often referred to as the “End Times” scenario is no such ending, but rather, a beginning. If you look at scripture, writings by pundits on Mayan cosmology, ancient Hebrew texts and even the Koran, you will find references to a time in the Gregorian calendar whereby all things must cease to exist as they are and a new battle for everlasting peace can begin. The apocalypse does not refer to the end of the world but to a final battle between good and evil, from which goodness prevails, often referred to as “The Golden Age”. These decisive times are now upon us as humans all over the world strive to free themselves from greed and corruption, manipulation, oppression, illness, violence, and poverty. In fact, many now believe that the earth will be split into two camps: those who qualify to live on a new type of peaceful earth, and those who refuse to accept the notion of an apocalypse at all and by lack of spiritual insight default to a second version of our planet, even denser in negativity to the one we know so well.

It is no coincidence that many sacred texts refer to these times: they are not fairy tales and legends, however allegorical the texts have become through their endless redactions.  We are in the throes of it, now!  How do we know they are here?  Look around: if you had to describe the end of a civilization to a people, what kinds of things would be included? Torture, war in every conceivable country, poverty, widespread hunger and disease, mass manipulation of controlled media, greed, usury, capital punishment, corruption in the justice system, and all on a scale much worse to that of the Roman Empire or even middle ages: it is everywhere! You can´t go anywhere now on Earth and find peaceful civilizations flourishing with art and music, where the people are educated and healthy, and the environment pure and intact.  If you are honest with yourself, would you say that Earth is a great place to be as is? If it were a vacation spot, how many of you would recommend it to friends?

This essay would ask you not only to consider that these times have arrived, but should encourage you to ask deep in your heart if this year, indeed, if this incarnation, holds any special truths for you. The idea is not to ask you to repent or induce panic, but to have you looking inwards. Perhaps in the deepest recesses of your heart your soul may call out to you, questioning your current life paths or directions, asking you to ponder just what it is that gives you satisfaction, and if there is any way of you getting in touch with that spark, that desire to create. For that´s truly what your heart desires to do. It wishes to create!

It is my belief that all of us were born on this planet now at this time of great unfolding to help usher in a new time for humans on this planet. In the same that would imply that we each have a role to play in this drama. How are you helping to form a more inspired version of our planet? Or are you helping to perpetuate the kind of destruction that will form a negative version?   The planet herself has until now never been witness to such uplifting powers from the skies now in terms of constellations, bursts of energy in the form of solar ejections (Coronal Mass Ejections) that are helping to shape Earth´s new destiny on a magnetic as well as electrical level. You may be unaware of the changes to your planet and her sun and moon, yet I assure you that our scientists are not ignorant of these rather dramatic issues. The sun is getting hotter, causing disturbing weather patterns all over the world and even increasing temperatures that result in the ice caps and glaciers melting at a more accelerated speed. Even our greenhouse gas emissions can be partly attributed to rising temperatures from these CMEs.

This letter need not draw you into a panic; on the contrary, it is time you took some time out of your hectic lives to truly and genuinely reflect upon the results of your present life/ incarnation with the view to understanding the purpose for your existence. I will repeat that. It is now time for you to sit and think about why you are here. How did you get here? What did you intend to do with this incarnation, this time spent on this planet? Are you aware that there is life after death? Have you thought about that before? It´s amazing what a little bit of philosophizing after a nice meal can do for the spirit. Take the time out to do so now more often.

In the next few months we will begin to see changes in our societies that indicate movement towards peaceful, brotherly, co-operative and harmonious living standards. The population is afraid of what will happen to them if they lose their jobs, if their currency devalues, if the economic situation all over the world plunges into the greatest depression one has ever laid eyes on in their lifetimes. This is all due course.  Full economic collapse is due to happen  any moment. In fact, the only reason it hasn´t is because of certain organizations bailing out the banks.  With this collapse,  people´s values systems are sure to undergo a dramatic change, much in the way that people´s lives change when they lose their homes in natural disaster.

No longer will hoarding money seem like a sensible thing to do if money cannot buy you what previously it was that you bought with it. Now things more like a barter system will come into play, with neighbors spreading their wealth in the likes of  food, pet care, gardening and doing chores. Communities should be looking to build organically as their members come together under strife to achieve new and different living conditions. It will be a time of readjustment, I assure you. But it will lead to a much healthier, more sustainable type of life, one of brotherly cooperation and value for human life.

The end of corruption and greed is on the horizon. The people can and will take back their power to choose how to live their lives. At first there may seem to be a reduction in the standards of living many of us are used to. Yet, in the end, one will know they have come to live in a more civilized place, where we will easily see and take part in the fruits of our labors and the combined energies and workings with our brothers and sisters on this planet.

We need to begin now a new type of living, one less concerned with working to bring home the bacon, and more with helping out our fellow human beings who are not predisposed to having such material wealth and comfort as you. You need not sacrifice your entire life savings or burn your money or anything of the sort. All I ask is that you take the time to think about how you could be better putting your money to use rather than buying say a new toaster or oven mitts. Is there a charity that you would like to become part of? Is there some way for you to donate to a charity? If you haven´t so much money, surely you could volunteer some of your time. Now is the way to the heart, folks, and learning to give a little in the long run is going to provide us with a very real resource when the time comes around to adjust to a new lifestyle.

I look forward to your comments and discussion.

Love Croaker


8 responses to “The Apocalypse of New and Different

  1. caminowalk1Ange

    Funny, some people need such events to happen in order to realize their own self-reliant potential, and others need only to look within and see it nothing more than a transition. We never regress in consciousness we can only go forward. This is a universal law.
    Thank you for your post!

  2. The concept that good will defeat evil in a battle or war is 3d thinking or simply wrong .If good is to be victorious(this thinking itself is 3d) , it will not be through battle or war but by the energy of love and compassion feeding upon itself to unify all life or consciousness. Ascending is not a question of qualifying or meeting some standard but the choice a soul entity makes regarding its growth in terms of learning wisdom ,love and compassion(there is NOT right or wrong) .This process is totally personal and unique for every person .The choice is entirely personal ,not dependent ,guided or lead by anyone else .If you think that following someone else will get you to heaven you probable won’t get there.

    • Coolsaint, thanks very much for your response. This post wasn´t written necessarily for starseeds, so the term battle works for people who think in 3d. Naturally compassion will absorb or prevail over negativity; the word battle is a tad bellicose, yet the term apocalypse does refer to a dynamic of two interacting forces, don´t you think? And on a 3d level, we are seeing humanity struggle in their efforts to come out from under the mire. In terms of qualifying for ascension, I agree that each soul makes his or her own choice prior to ascension- but what of the many “sleeping” people who aren´t aware of their soul plans to ascend? Isn´t there conscious work involved in the ascension process? Will a sleeper ascend by default or will she be required to make a conscious choice? There are myriad ways for the ascension process to unfold- you are right. I´m just positing what is going around in some new age circles right now. What is your take on “the splitting of two worlds/ timelines”, by the way?

  3. Alice Bitetzakis

    Your name”Croaker” belies the fluidity of which you express the “truth” of what is taking place on our planet at this time. To the novice, one can see what you are leaning towards without getting defensive about where they are. Your flowing explanation weaves them in and out of a reality they are living in and gives them the opportunity to have a positive experience in the midst of the chaos. Just stop, and look inwards, you say, and it can alter your current life, or better yet, reaffirm your reason for being here at this pivotal point in the evolution of humanity. Your choice. Thank you for outlining the choices that are upon us now.

  4. Beautiful work done here for us all from a very special someone who cares a lot about us all,Thank you so very much for another special place to visit
    along with my already favorite one stankovuniversallawpress…
    My name is Bonnie and I just wanted to share in the Love.It is Beautiful.

  5. Thank you so very much for this very clear representation of the current state of affairs right now. I think that everyone I know can relate to this challenge to turn inwards away from the unexamined life, to reflect on what life does hold, should hold, could hold.

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