Year of the Dragon Initative

A friend of mine just told me that it´s Year of the Dragon. I wasn´t surprised to hear this, it being 2012 and all, but I was surprised that I hadn´t noticed. Jeez, where have I been?  When I thought about it a little more, it made me want to level with you about something I´ve been working on.  Are you ready? The readership of this baby blog of mine is changing.  But it´s ALL GOOD.

I can´t ignore it any more- My Highest Self is urging me to is address “young souls” and play a more active role in writing for a larger audience. My dear readers, you also have a role to play in this initiative as you share links and “like” my posts and help your friends to listen to the tugging of their souls.

The next post has been in the queue for quite a while and I am going to apologize in advance for its length. So as to not overhwelm you, the article will be presented in parts.  But in fact I am working on compiling a series of articles for spiritual beginners, or “young souls”.  Starseeds, indigos, crystals and “old souls” really don´t need so much help in the form of articles and workshops anymore now because they have come so far. Give yourselves a pat on the back, guys! Haven´t you noticed that you gloss over channeled articles or that most of the stuff you find on the internet is just the same old being re-hashed out? You know this stuff already. The rest is all tweaking and refining, like polishing a diamond.

Instead I will be publishing a set of articles for a new target group: people with no real clear idea of their own spirituality.  Being in the last year before ascension is due to take place, it´s no wonder that I am feeling pushed to share some basics with a larger audience.  So, dear reader,  you might not find these  next posts in-line with my others, but instead of losing you I hope that you´ll visit me often in your efforts to help others with their ascension processes.  You can do that by sending these posts to your friends, family and protégés. The Apocalypse of New and Different is the first of the set as it is an introduction to the topic of ascension, written in plain English and not a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

I´m really excited about these new articles and hope that you find them useful, clear and engaging enough to use as springboards for discussion or simply as friendly nudgings to people you care about who you think are ready for this type of information.   I thank you so much for being part of this intiative and for receiving these gifts I offer because you know, the whole fun and beauty of an energetic exchange is in the acceptance of the gift.

Let´s have a great Year of the Dragon, doing our best to help others navigate a year bound to be dramatic with change.

Love Croaker.





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