Next Workshop- Sacral Chakra

The next Chakra clearing workshop will be on Feb 18th (Saturday) at 17 h at my home in Wedding near Leopold Platz.  It is specifically designed for beginners. You don´t need to know anything about meditation or chakras to take part.

The workshop begins by learning how to breathe properly, which will assist you during the guided meditation that comes next. During that meditation, you´ll be talked through an exercise to help you clear fear patterns from your etheric body.

The rest of the workshop focuses on the Sacral (2nd) Chakra. We will specifically identify the issues releated to 2nd Chakra imbalances and I will bring to light different techniques to help clear those blockages.

The cost is 5 euros and you must reserve a spot. I do not want to have a large workshop, so please only reserve your spot if you are serious about coming. If you don´t come it´s quite unfair to the ones I had to reject to keep the numbers small (and cosy).  Please come with exact change.

Last month I received numerous emails from people wanting full details for this workshop.  For 5 € I think you can afford to take a risk and give it a try. If you feel drawn to it,  just go for it!

The 2nd chakra relates to:  abandonment issues, envy, addictions and compulsive behavior, sexual issues, guilt, and anxiety especially related to self worth.  Low self-esteem fluctuating with feelings of superiority is the biggest indicator of a 2nd chakra blockage.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Love  Croaker.


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