Video Games

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”           – David Icke

Who am I? Why am I here, on Earth?  Have you come down with ascensionitis?  When did you start asking yourself these questions?  When you do begin this journey into self-awareness, you will be amazed at how deep the rabbit hole goes. And it will take you to new depths in your ability to be happy and reap rewards in your creativity and relationships.

The answer to all your problems lies in your ability to gain perspective on what your life means.  To the scientists among you, please don´t write in telling me that my own personal experience or anecdotes fail to constitute legitimate proof of this grand statement. Personal experiences are real and valid, and just because they might not be able to be reproduced in a controlled laboratory setting does not automatically reduce them to fantasy or speculation.  The scientific method we have been conditioned to accept as the only means to validating hypotheses is a control mechanism. It keeps subversive ideas from entering the mainstream consciousness by dismissing them as kooky and “unscientific”.  (And yes, empowering human beings is subversive to the controllers of our planet.)

The truth is, your own personal journeys and the wisdom you gather along the way should be respected for their power to initiate long-lasting positive change.  The term spiritual initiation neatly reflects what I believe tribulations and crises have to offer in terms of the potential for growth.  How does one begin to attract these types of life-changing experiences? Refusing to question or correctly understand the meaning of one´s life will, depending on the age of the soul, directly lead to dramas or turning points in one´s life. These turning points then determine the direction of your life story and the unfoldment of the next series of major events in alignment with your individual “soul blueprint”.

The soul blueprint can be described as your soul´s mission for this incarnation.  Usually a soul blueprint focuses on lessons in values, compulsive behaviors, addictions, relationships, creative potential, resislience in the face of disaster or disease, and myriad other aspects designed to make the soul contemplate itself.  These dramatic events are coordinated by the soul to especially direct the human experience towards spirituality for the purpose of soul evolution.

It is in this sense that the idea of karma in its most basic form, is such a gift.  Karma is an issue that is carried over from a past life to be resolved in this one. Karma helps us navigate this holographic reality we call Life on Earth. If we chose to look at karmic events and issues from a spiritual perspective, we would quickly realize that life is not random and meaningless. There are distinct patterns, cycles and issues intelligently designed to make us sit up and take notice.  Karma is compassion. It is the Godforce, All That Is, saying, hey, look around you, you created this. Your actions reverberate in the fabric of life. There is a highly responsive interface for this game and the joystick is your Will.

When you are able to take a dramatic event as an opportunity to learn something, you are using that experience for the purpose in which it was created. And I say “created”, because there is no god-man with a white beard sitting up in a cloud, or an impersonal universe conjuring up random constellations for their own sadistic entertainment. YOUR soul creates these experiences on a higher level and YOU draw them to you at certain times in your life in order to fulfill the soul blueprint  YOU designed (with the help of guides and older souls) before YOU willingly incarnated on this planet.

It is therefore important to begin to recognize that certain events in your life, while they may not have been scripted or fated,  present opportunities to resolve issues that were meant to be resolved in your present incarnation. How you deal with those issues is left up to you. How they present themself to you in your unpredicatble web of life is up to you.  But the core issues remain the ones that need your attention and you´ll notice how they creep up again and again until you are forced to ask, “why does this keep happening to me?”

Life is an interactive video game. It´s not a spectacle. You design it, you work it, you influence many things in your life with your thoughts and feelings.  I am no physicist; but I am convinced that our electrical impulses and magnetic charges are what impress upon the fabric of life to create our experiences. I have observed, with intense scrutiny, how our outer life honestly reflects our projected thoughts and feelings.

You chose to be born to learn, but you should also know that there is no obligation to do so. Nothing will happen if you don´t learn, other than most likely re-incarnating again with similar issues.  What I am trying to say is that the meaning of life is simply to experience.

That is why you´ll see that pretty much anything goes on this planet. It´s one of the reasons why people choose to be atheists or even nihilists:  on the surface there seems to be no logical reason for being here. You can be a murderer and a thief and “get away with it”.  You can be a philanthropist and a martyr and experience deep injustice, hardship and pain.  Earth is a hard-core learning interface and as such, it is chosen by incarnating souls to get a gritty, authentic, first hand “human experience”.  Evolution happens all throughout the universe in myriad ways but Earth is a popular choice among brave souls who want an intensive or fast-track course especially on human emotions.  Here, you´ve got the free will to do what you like and to really see how your actions impact your relationships and emotions. It is the ultimate video game!

How aware you are once you incarnate, how much you use the “interface” of hologram that is life on earth, is indeed the biggest challenge of being here.  The less aware you are, the more senseless life seems, and the harder it is to manipulate the reality to reflect what you really want to experience.  It is an interactive platform, this life here on Earth.  And if you don´t know the rules of the game, it can be a nightmare.  In fact, life here HAS become a nightmare simply because the information that humans need to lead better lives is concealed from them. Instead of being empowered with the knowledge of how to play the game so we can benefit from it, we wander around blindly, giving our power away to corporations whose agendas involve keeping us dumb, medicated, entertained, aroused and shopping!

The truth is, we weren´t just thrown down here without any resources whatsoever.  That would be rather cruel and All That Is is not cruel. Intsead we have a lifeline to the divine life force which is all knowing and all powerful.  Becoming aware of this lifeline will help you to solve your incarnation tasks faster and generally make navigating this 3D hell-hole a bit easier.  Meditation is the major key to gaining access to this lifeline.

When you meditate, you are able to shut out the external stimuli and focus on the information available to you from your Godself, or soul. You have to quiet the mind to reach heaven and all its wonder (self love, infinite knowledge, power, etc.).  The soul, by its very nature of being an individual shard of All That Is, can access the profound knowledge, power, creativity and grace that is embodied by All That Is.  Usually the human inability to love oneself prevents most people from even believing that this kind of lifeline is available.  Meditation also helps in this respect: as you begin to hear the tranquility of your inner self and let yourself be, without the judgemental natter of your ego-mind, you are able to see your divine perfection as a soul. You learn to separate soul and psyche,  stop identifying with your human ego and align yourself with the soul.

This is the first step to learning to master the Earth hologram for your own benefit.   Next week we will look a little more closely at the concept of free will and your soul blueprint.

Until then,

Love Croaker.


2 responses to “Video Games

  1. GOD, what a wonderful play on words. I love the theme/title. The formatting of key words sends energy right to the reader!!!
    My two cents, or three, or four…..

    The frame work behind Free Will is a great way for humans to generate the energy level for other souls to manifest/experience the karma they had preplanned. Having been granted Free Will allows us to operate/create apposing circumstances to set the preface for others to prevail and develop towards their own spiritual growth. What a magical interplay of team work! And that is why it is important to appreciate your enemies. And that there are no mistakes to life.

    That’s what is so exciting about planet Earth; we are one of the few plants that have Free Will as a universal law. Ha! So energized before the “veil” was bestowed. Just remind yourself of this and then life is a breeze.
    Stay connected/aware to/of your over soul as this side of our twin flame wonders through life bravely uploading more beautiful positive energy to “Prime Creator” as it experiences its self through us. And of course, IS us.

    That’s where realization plays a key part in our ascension process.
    What has helped me on a personal level is to remember that my intention for reincarnating on this Earth has been withheld (veiled upon) right before birth. And that at times the theory that we are all creators of our own reality just doesn’t cut it when we look at all the dedication and hard work we apply through meditation etc…At least, if we try to remember that we made our “soul contract” at a time when “time” did not exist (therefore privy to All knowledge and foreseeable outcomes) we will not get too discouraged when our desires do not manifest in a way we needed them to. We can acknowledge that we have a “grand plan” we agreed to adhere to, and that ultimately all will be well at the end of the day. Really, would it be as much fun if we knew everything! This wonderful game/opportunity of ours!! 🙂

  2. Good post! We will be linking to this particularly great post on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.

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