Free Will and Manifesting Your Heart´s Desires

Can You Manifest All that You Desire?

The nature of reality by default is designed for the purpose of creation and in the last article on how our emotions and thought patterns impress a signal into the very fabric of space-time, we learned how as observers or participants, we help shape our experience of reality. Bringing to us people, jobs, houses, accidents, ailments, recognition, money, over and over we draw to us what we focus on and resonate with, whether consciously or unconsciously.  This is often referred to as the law of attraction.  But just how much control are we able to consciously exert over that law? Can we really always get what we want?

There are two variables that interfere with our ability to manifest what we desire.  The first is our soul blueprint, or what some people refer to as destiny.  The second has to do with just how much junk we have in our energetic fields that keep us from resonating in perfect harmony with zero point energy. Today´s article tackles the former.

You might not believe that you have any degree of control over your circumstances. Until now perhaps you´ve felt that the events in your life have been rather random. You got that job with the bully boss at the bank. Your second child was born with a heart defect. You traveled to Australia one summer and there you met your future wife, from whom you would divorce only six years later. You call this coincidence or even bad fortune. Maybe you call it a bad choice.  But from a spiritual perspective, the encounter is a gift of learning and while it might have been painful, it added depth to your character and to your experience in this lifetime.  The question is, did you “attract” that experience?

Since science has not endeavoured (or been given funding) to put destiny, karma or hardly any spiritual phenomena under the microscope, I cannot cite you any particular study for proof. This is rather sad and is considered by some to be in itself just another indication of how the flow of information is stemmed to keep the general public dumbed down and disempowered. It is only when you look at these events from a spiritual perspective that it becomes apparent that, contrary to popular belief and religious indoctrination, they are not random.  On a soul level, indeed you planned certain pivotal events and made contracts prior to incarnation with those key players wittingly for the purpose of soul growth. And if you are in the transition from Young to Adult soul, choosing to ignore signals from your soul to become aware of this magical dimension of Earthly life will invariably result in even more dramatic events to capture your attention.

But what about minor things, do you attract those, too?  While minor events are not pre-scheduled into the soul blueprint, they can be attracted if the variables are all in place for them to occur. If you constantly worry about getting into a car accident at a certain intersection down the road from your house, in my view, you are more likely to have an accident there than if you never gave thought to such an idea.  This again has to do with our natural ability as creator beings. Sometimes you meet people randomly, at a party or a bus stop. You form a short-lived relationship.  Maybe there never was anything for you to learn from each other and you find you don´t have that much in common. This was not a major event that you “attracted” to your energy field. You simply created the experience by participating in it when the opportunity arose.

This last example is a good one for how the concept of free will works.  Not everything is scripted or fated. In fact, I am not convinced that major events can always be coordinated accurately. I think they rely on previous choices, much like how a path narrows down to one probability as multiple paths are abandoned or ignored. The players involved have to choose to participate (make decisions) for events to pan out.  If player A had not decided to speak to player B at the bus stop, regardless of the scenario (late bus, witness to an accident in front of the bus stop), the situation of those players becoming friends never would have occurred.  Each person has the free will to decide to participate in their version of reality, at each moment in time. This is where the “Live in the Now” phrase comes from. Zen awareness challenges you to become aware of each moment so you can consciously choose your behavior and thoughts, and not go about life on auto-pilot.

Now let´s move on to conscious creation. A book came out in 2006 called The Secret, which purported that manifesting your heart´s desires on this plane was based on the law of attraction.  All you had to do was resonate to the frequency of the thing you were trying to bring into your life. Similarly, the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” used (the same argument as I have) the Observer effect to prove how the very fabric of our universe is conducive to spontaneous creation. Suddenly the buzz was everywhere.  That 5 million dollar house you´ve always wanted? It can be yours! Just close your eyes and concentrate on being grateful. Fame? Make a dream board! Get out of the way and let it happen! And if you weren´t manifesting those things, it was because you just weren´t trying hard enough.

It´s no wonder several parodies of The Secret ensued. The law of attraction, a complex metaphysical topic requiring years of ruthless inner pruning to master,  had been over-simplified into something marketable for the mainstream. I am an optimistic person and there´s nothing more I´d rather see than everyone living in sprawling mansions with fruit trees in the backyard and the leisure to indulge in full-time education.  But what I cannot subscribe to is the idea that if you just “concentrate hard enough”, your wildest fantasies will come true.  Yes, the quantum universe is flexible. Yes, we are creator beings. Yes, the law of attraction exists, but unlike a simple cheesecake recipe, all the variables for these complex experiments (which involve people and their moment to moment choices!) have to be in the right place for a successful outcome.  And one ingredient or variable that no-one seems to talk about is something called a soul blueprint.  Even Mick Jagger, one of the luckiest dudes alive, knows that you can´t always get what you want.

…But, you´ll get what you need to help you fulfill your soul blueprint.  Really. Let me explain. If you incarnated to experience poverty and that was one of the core issues you decided to tackle in this lifetime, poverty is going to be in your blueprint. It will be your so called “destiny” at some point in your life. (I don´t like the term destiny because it sounds so permanent).  Poverty may or may not pervade your entire life, but until your soul has decided that it has sufficiently grown from its experience of poverty, that variable will not shift.  Free will exists in alignment with our souls’ purpose here. And this is why it may seem that sometimes no matter how much you may want something, feel entitled to it, have the skills and persist, that wish does not fulfill.

This is no reason to throw a tantrum. Especially if it is a big thing like becoming famous, launching a major business enterprise or having a child, you might have to stop and ask yourself, why do I want this?  Is it to placate some part of my ego or instinctual nature? Does society deem it important? Does my desire for this thing/ event align with my values?  Even still, you may not be able to fulfill the wish. Or, while attempting to fulfill it you may be led to a life-changing experience. While this may sound rather frustrating, look on the bright side: You wouldn´t be having these issues with the material plane if you weren´t destined to grow beyond it. That´s because these are problems reserved for Adult Souls. Think of it like graduating from middle school. You´re moving up! And I don´t know anyone who, despite what they say, really wants to be back in middle school again.

Say you want to build X. You are confident you can create this.  But during your trials and tribulations you meet someone who ends up becoming your partner in a new endeavour, called Y.  Plan Y actually pans out while plan X never quite gets off the ground.  But pursuing plan X allowed you to create something that most likely changed your life (plan Y), and therein lies the beauty. I´m sure you´ve heard the old adage, “one door closes and a window opens”.

We can continue to be pleasantly surprised by our life paths in spite of our choosing what roads we go down. It is empowering to play this creation game because essentially, although there are a certain degree of limitations, we can in fact shape our lives. It gets even better when we learn to trust that there is a part of ourselves that knows what´s best.  This is when we are “tuned in” to our soul´s blueprint. When we start paying attention to the spiritual flow of our life, we get feedback from our soul. It´s like having your very own personal life coach, but one who is tuned in to the real reason you are here.

He/ she has a vantage point that when trusted can help us make better decisions. Life starts to flow in the direction we “want it”.  We align ourselves with the soul blueprint, we learn our lessons and then we can move out of the karmic cycle (learning our lessons) into a more mature phase of creation.  The hard part lies in honing our ability to tune in and become “cosmic antennae”, which again calls for quieting the mind through meditative arts in such a fast-paced world with plenty of psychic interference. It also involves strengthening your faith in a compassionate god-force, one that allows each of us to have direct access to the knowledge and resources we need while we are sojourning on Earth, a concept that many societies have no understanding of.

More on that another time.  Stay tuned for part 2 on how clearing your emotional trauma clears the path for soul maturity and faster manifestation of abundance.

Until next week.



One response to “Free Will and Manifesting Your Heart´s Desires

  1. A lot of excellent points in this post. I especially liked the example of how pursuing Plan X commonly leads to achieving Plan Y. It’s a perfect lesson on how the law of attraction really works.

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