Tabula Rasa- Healing the Fragmented Self

In previous posts I have stressed how crises and life-changing events initiate us into spiritual adulthood.  Part of this transition involves recognizing that materialism is not the goal of your current incarnation. This has to do with deepening the human experience to encompass not only mind, body and emotions, but now to include the spiritual realm.  Until one acknowledges the spiritual dimension of the earth experience, one remains a “young soul”.

Before we can fully benefit from the instant powers of manifestation that accompany higher frequency bandwidth, we ourselves must resonate to that bandwidth. That involves having control over our emotions, behaviors and thoughts. Who wants to be instantly manifesting negative experiences and random thoughts?   Not me,  thank you very much.

We are in training for the higher dimensions. Did you know that?  A rare cosmic alignment will present opportunities for all souls in our galaxy to jump frequencies. If you have “completed” your training, you´ll have the chance to join one of the Earth´s parallel consciousness, an upgrade to a 5th dimensional bandwidth, said to occur on or before December 2012. If you´ve ever communicated with nature or felt her living presence, you know that Earth is a living being with an enormously generous soul, and every soul has the chance to evolve, no matter the pace. Much like how suns and stars evolve, planets change, too.  Much of the current discussion in New Age circles revolves around not if but when this transition is to occur.  But I digress.

As we move from a 3D world into a 5D one, which includes the Spiritual dimension, we as a species which depends on our ecosystem for survival will also need to have an upgraded operating system that can interface with the new software. This means that our bodies as well as consciousness will need to change to be able to hold higher dimensional frequencies such as love, compassion, understanding, equanimity, charity and finally, instant manifestation, all of which are synonymous with the higher dimensions. So how do we do that?

To begin to vibrate at that level, we will have to match the resonance of what is called, the “zero point energy” of pure consciousness. This requires inner work and only when we have deleted old emotional and behavioral programs from our operating systems will we return to zero. (By old I mean limiting, hindering and reactionary behaviors that stem from emotional trauma.)  What you are looking to achieve, to continue with the computer analogy, is a virus-free operating system from which our commands can be executed without impediment. Then it will be all systems go. In fact, there are people who already mainly operate from this fulcrum of pure consciousness and if you were to ask them, they´d recount how they manifest almost instantly what they need to be happy.

The trick is clearing out these viruses. Deleting old programmed behavior is no easy feat but it isn´t as difficult as say, quitting smoking. You just need to have the right tools and now with the internet it is becoming much easier to find a method for clearing old patterns that works for you.  And I will be mentioning those that I have had great success with in future articles.

First of all, you should know that there are different steps involved in getting back to Tabula Rasa, or a clean slate. First you must have the desire to change and go inward to face your issues.  The fact that you are still reading this article means that you have probably got that underway.  Secondly, you need to start paying attention to your thought processes in order to identify exactly which issues call for healing.  That can be aided through journaling, as writing down your daily thoughts (but not showing them to anyone!) trains you to become more conscious of your thoughts and defense mechanisms.  Thirdly, and most importantly, you must acknowledge that you are a spiritual being and that this fact means you have at your disposal your own Higher Self, guides, angels, saints, and especially All That Is for the transition from fragmented self to whole.

If you do not believe in a benevolent god-force, it will be very difficult for you to heal. So if you have been indoctrinated with ideas of a wrathful, vengeful god, I suggest contemplating icons of compassion such as Mother Mary, Quan´Yin, Mother Earth, or the Goddess to help you wrap your head around the idea of a compassionate, merciful and loving god-force.  You can offer a prayer if you feel comfortable doing that; but simply contemplating these icons will help you to naturally attune to the energy of compassion.

The reason why compassion is so integral to healing the fragmented self is that many of the deep-seated behavioral patterns, defense mechanisms and feedback programs are directly related to our relationships with our parents. The parental relationship is the human reflection of the spiritual relationship between god and soul, and it is a poor substitute. On Earth, the concept of divine love simply cannot be accurately represented due to the dualistic nature of the Earth hologram. Down here, we feel separated from All That Is.  This leads to distorted ideas of what human love is, and those ideas are passed down from parent to child in the most formative years of our lives.  We latch onto those values and we perpetuate them until we become conscious that they are in need of healing or re-alignment.

Unconditional, or divine, love does not often exist between parent and child. How often can you recall doing something that a parent disapproved of, then the parent removing his or her love for you as a punishment?  Exactly. You know what I mean. It is almost inevitable that as a child you will confuse rejection with parental love.  I acted badly, mummy got angry, she slapped me, she was terse, whatever.

Children and infants operate mainly from the emotional centers because the brain hasn´t yet fully developed. I mean, I´m sure you know adults who seem to be big emotional children!  As children we don´t have any idea how we form our values.  So we interpret them wrongly. We make assumptions based on defense mechanisms. We interpret these signals in a way that makes sense to our ego because if we didn´t make sense of this confusing behavior, the program would break (our egos would crack and we´d go crazy).  It doesn´t make sense to the ego that mummy would be angry if we were perfect. Remember, our brains do the job of interpreting our holographic reality. So the most logical interpretation becomes, “I am bad and that´s why mummy was angry”.  From here we develop (and hold onto) perverted values that equate parental love with rejection and pain. (Sadomasochism is a reflection of this kind of deep programming).  True divine love can never be experienced in the human paradigm as long as we are continue to equate behavior with self worth.

It´s a case of classical conditioning, which can be re-programmed. We do that by re-parenting ourselves. Correctly this time, by loving ourselves unconditionally. We must have mercy on ourselves. We must stop judging ourselves and realize that we are not bad or unworthy. We may have made poor choices or acted inappropriately, but we really were just doing our best given the consciousness we had at the time of our behavior. This may be the most crucial part of learning to accept who we are. Stepping out of judgment to assess that we are NOT OUR behavior. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I will leave you with this to contemplate as this article has gotten rather long: Inside, we are perfectly intact, we are divine sparks, reflections of All That Is, and no human experience can taint our inner core.  In previous articles, we´ve talked about how it´s limiting to equate self worth with your performance in your role as a mother or daughter or executive.  Keeping along these lines, it would also be inappropriate to equate your self worth and your identity with your behavior.

I think we are probably both exhausted at this point. Go on and give yourself a pat on the back. Getting a grip on the concept of self-compassion is the first big key to becoming whole again.  Let´s pick up again next week with an overview of different healing modalities for healing the fragmented self.

I offer you my full support in your journey to self-healing,

with very much love,



5 responses to “Tabula Rasa- Healing the Fragmented Self

  1. really lovely article. thank you.

  2. Yes, beautifully written.

  3. Yes, we are on the way to realizing ourselves that already exists in higher dimensions!! Because……. All that Is, IS, All that Is………Hmmm parent child relationships; coming to the realization that I, through desperation after being separated from “the source”, replaced my parents into an ideological framework of perfectness. I did that out of expectation and to fill a void. I now realize that through the attempt to regard my parents as “right-er”, I overlooked the fact that they were just human. As human as I am, therefore were entitled to make humanly decisions. And we all know we have made silly ones in our life time!!
    Great post!

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