Intelligent Design, Super Biological Entities and Control Mechanisms

In the last article I mentioned how if we want to manifest directly what we program ourselves to do, we must get junk out of the way that keeps us from sending out clear signals.  I called it finding our own zero point.  That meant deleting old programs that no longer serve us to get back to the roots of our amazing potential as super-human biological entities. I say super-human because today we´ll examine how our very biological design enables us to interface with our holographic reality to create experiences.

To get a grip on what you are sending out (and getting back), it helps to have an understanding of how the human body works. In a nutshell, we are like transistor radios and our chips are DNA. Did you know about the tremendous potential for cellular DNA to replace traditional silicon chips in new computer processors? Apparently this is a very hot topic because DNA has a far higher storage capacity. It´s innate natural design mimics our silicon chips.  So only in this one way, is the human form akin to a biological computer.

But I don´t want to reduce the human being to a machine!  Not only can we contemplate ourselves, we can design, learn, interpret, transcend rules, and most importantly, we can feel. What kind of computer do you know that can feel? We are not computers. And while I don´t need to list all the ways that the human body baffles scientists, doctors, athletes and artists alike to convince you of our highly sophisticated design, I do recommend regularly observing the wonders of the human body.  Given this sophistication, how unlikely is it that given the right coding and environment, we wouldn´t be able to manifest what we want? It would be like having an amazing computer processor that couldn´t handle running the internet.

Speaking of the world wide web, the earth uses an electrical grid of pure crystalline light to run its holographic programs. This crystalline grid encircles the earth in the shape of a net, connecting humans, animals, nature and all living creatures within a certain frequency band. The net itself sustains the holographic frequency of the gestalt of our collective consciousness. It comprises the sacred geometry behind form here on earth, much like how a steel frame forms the skeleton for a building. Human beings are able to plug into the grid, either to power it with our collective thoughts and feelings, or ride it much like a surfer rides a wave.

As electrical beings, humans receive and send out signals. Look at your skin, full of nerve receptors. When we touch a hot stove, those sensory receptors register the impulse, which then travels via the nervous system to the human brain. The human brain then decodes the signal into heat, and then it sends out another signal so that we remove our hand from the stove.  This is all done at amazing speed and without conscious thinking!

Similarly, our brain organizes information that is collected via our visual organs and the smooth coordination of these processes is what enables us to perceive what´s around us. If you really want to contemplate the brain´s function as a descrambler of signals, I suggest reading the case studies compiled in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, by Oliver Sacks.  Holograms work in a similar function. To read more about the ground-breaking discovery of how our universe may be holographic, Michael Talbot´s Holographic Universe is the go-to guide.

Being aware of how our body and brain works from a scientific point of view combined with the knowledge of how we interact with the ecosystem of Earth can help us not only as individuals, but as a species! Humans need to begin to contemplate and appreciate the sophistication of their biological design.  Perhaps this would lead us to start acting like the powerful beings they we are instead of the helpless victims of our circumstances we are programmed to believe- a philosophy perpetuated by both science and religion, two of the most undeserving “authorities” of our societies to receive our blind allegiance.

Darwin´s Theory of Evolution is a theory, it is not a scientific law, yet many scientists and professors perpetuate its fallacy, willfully ignoring its discrepancies- not to mention mathematical improbability. My view is that this is a direct result of the scientific community´s inability to bridge science with spirituality or even metaphysics. (Thankfully there is one man, physician and scientist, Dr. Georgi Stankov, who is actively trying to change that. You can read about his theory of Universal Law in English and in German here.) There is also evidence that scientific law has hardly changed at all since the 1700s. We still undisputedly follow Newton´s law of gravity, for example, despite our having much more sophisticated tools and an understanding of physics than those available when Newton and his apple were around.  Just think about how much your cell phone has changed since 1985 to get an idea of what I mean by this. Is our allegiance to classical theories strictly scientific or fanatical? This is a growing topic in scientific circles, and if you look in the right places you can find more information on how whistleblowers are starting to speak out on the dogma apparent in the scientific arena.

Religion is in much need of reform. I will rant about Christianity because it is the one I have most intimate knowledge of.  Christianity dumbs us down in the world view it espouses. You can´t even call it philosophy because it is void of any logical reasoning.  Humans are adrift on a planet born of original sin with no way of accessing God except through priests (who may or may not resort to pedophilia to channel their sexual repression), shoveled a mythical creation story in place of a reasonable explanation of our true ancestry, governed by a vengeful, all-seeing God and destined to be judged by him at the end of his one earthly life (there´s no mention of re-incarnation in the bible).  Let´s not forget the fear and control mechanism of Hell firmly in place to perpetuate the sadistic notion that god is judgmental and mean- the opposite of what we would expect from a god who created us to occupy his garden of Eden.  Christianity is askew with contradictions and misinterpretations, yet it is the most practiced religion in the world.

Christianity, in my opinion, is one of the most disempowering religions since believers are encouraged to give up all their reasoning and questioning. Look at the much quoted phrase “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”.   Although death is a very prevalent occurrence in our world, we are discouraged from questioning it. Just chalk it up to the whims of an egomaniac in the clouds. Mere mortal man cannot understand god´s mysterious ways.

In my view, both science and religion throughout the ages have been mere control mechanisms thinly veiled as the worship of chaos! Chaos and nonsense is not how our world works. There are physical laws and spiritual laws and when they are bridged together, you´d see how knowing those laws empower human beings and even help to improve quality of life in some cases.  Religion is very sneaky in that it mixes half-truths in with the lies to make you feel better about your miserable life. It isn´t called the opium for the masses for nothing. For fundamentalists, if you dare question the gospel, the word of god, well, that´s just blasphemy, and in religious sects there´s nothing worse than being labeled a non-believer. You have to heed the herd mentality.

But why should I give up my (divinely bestowed) reasoning for blind faith? It is high time we took our heritage into our own hands and began to question the flow of information available to us concerning our origins.  Just where did we come from? The human prototype just might be one of the most sophisticated designs ever created. I think it´s ludicrous to assume that we evolved from bacteria or single celled organisms just through random mutation.  Nor do I buy that we were created from “clay”.  The truth has to lie somewhere between these two myths. Could we have been designed by off-world intelligent beings with a knowledge of genetics? Have you ever asked yourself how many different animal species the Earth has and why they are so intelligently designed as to completely adapt to their environment?  To me they look like some other world´s tour de force, pieces of art created with great pride and insight.

The next time you watch the dexterity or coordination of a professional ballet dancer or violinist, the next time you watch small children, observing how with time they learn to operate and gain dexterity over their bodies, ask yourself, could the amazing human body just have developed randomly in response to our changing environment? And if so, then why haven´t we developed the ability to transport ourselves to other locations and grown our brains to match the increasing demands of a globalized society?  Why haven´t we learned to activate what scientists call our “junk” DNA?

Today I leave you with some big questions to ponder as it is only through the medium of thinking, of using our incredible power of reasoning that we can ever hope to save our planet and its people from its demise. I realize I might sound melodramatic, but the fact remains: we are destroying our planet and societies faster each year.  We MUST start acting like the intelligent beings we are, growing up and accepting the responsibility to govern ourselves. No more sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the signs around us. The future calls for us to engage our big brains and stop giving our power away to outmoded, dogmatic institutions.

In my humble opinion, we can do much better than this.

Love Croaker.


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