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Welcome to Wake Up Berlin, a new blog dedicated to the Ascension timelines and “the story” of the Galactic Human emerging along those timelines. Blog posts come from my own inner listenings and meditations on cosmic energies as well as external events, which force me to look for the initial inner trigger for such happenings. Meditation and moment-to-moment mindfulness are what form the basis for navigating the learning curve that is the Light Body Process (from here on referred to as LBP), and so that is why you will find this site offers meditation workshops and plans group meditations throughout Berlin.  Meditation has helped me immeasurably to grow spiritually, which is what the ascension meme is all about.

We, as an entire species, now have a chance to make a quantum leap in concsciousness through “upliftment” or the “ascension” cycle which is underway. Cosmic energies are said to be at the highest since the time of Atlantis: if you are “tuned in”, you also can consciously benefit from the massive amounts of transformative light energy available to us now from the galactic center in the form of solar winds and coronal mass ejections, eclipses, astrological constellations, and also from the higher angelic realms and Inner Plane Masters.  These influxes of light energy, when assimliated into our DNA, chakra points and utlimately our consciousness,  are intended to upgrade our human bodies and consciousness, what is known as the Light Body Process (LBP).  The LBP can be quite difficult at times and if you read any blogs, especially Stankov´s site, you have at your disposal an archive of many people´s very intimite accounts of their LBPs.  On the other hand, the benefits of sticking with the LBP past the phase of clearing out your emotional and psychological junk (along with many collective versions) are worth every cc wave headache.  If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn´t bat an eyelash.

But besides the LBP, what esle is the ascension meme about? After 26,000 years, it is said that we now have the opportunity to raise out of a manipulated, low frequency and begin to live on a new earth that will emerge from a shift in values. Yet, there are different timelines for different souls with varying soul contract. Some will return to their home star systems and dimensions, while others choose to stay here and experience Earth as a “galactic human”.  Galactic Human is refers to a new type of human, who after learning from the human trials and suffering of a frequency-controlled planet, now chooses to align him or herself with the values of cooperation and compassion for the purposes of building and sustaining peaceful and prosperous civilization.  There are many visions for the new Earth, and perhaps you have your own. If you ask children, you might be surprised at their willingness and ability to show you their visions for their utopic Earth.

With the advent of the return of Christ Consciousness (which is a higher frequency light energy, not a person), it´s now time for era of violence, death, control and poverty to end. The new storyline, the one that we can choose to jump onto is entirely up to us, and  many of us have incarnated at this junction specifically to assist with this task. We are choosing our “future” as a species. We are dreaming our new reality into being. We are holding that dream vibrationally in our DNA, in our intentions and actions.

We are the ones to build a new civilization and take humanity into the reaches of modernity.  I know it may seem hard for you to imagine, what with all that is being broadcast on mainstream media, that we are indeed being presented with an alternative timeline.  We can jump onto a new kind of life, but that involves aligning ourselves from the inside with new, modern values.  Shifts are occurring in the minds of people across the world as we, one by one, awaken to the light that is pouring in from the galactic centre, as we awaken to a new vision of ourselves and our planet. As we begin to heed the call to establish moral (not religious) values in our families and communities.

Are you heeding this call from your spirit? What are you doing to jump off the timeline of doom and destruction (the so called 2012 Apocalypse timeline) and onto one of immense creativity, innovation, health, wealth and peace?

You are not alone in your efforts at Spiritual living; on the contrary, it is said we are part of a silent revolution.  It is my feeling, however, that it is now time to come out of the woodwork and begin to actively network, learn and create together. That is why I was impulsed to create this blog.

So, welcome to Wake Up Berlin.  Allow me to help you along your spiritual journey- browse the links on the homepage, sign up for one of my affordable workshops or join us for group meditation.

With very much love,



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