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Who Me, Worried?

I’ve received email recently from old friends over the pond who say they are starting to be afraid of the future, what with all the media coverage of everything that is wrong with the world.  My first reaction is to tell them to stop watching CNN.  But seriously, I am happy that my friends across the pond are starting to take more of an interest in what´s going on around them. This may sound harsh, but it is not a secret that North Americans tend to resemble ostriches when it comes to global news.  My second reaction is to scream, “Finally, you´ve arrived!” Yes, life on Earth is no paradise. It is a fucked up place and it has been for quite a while. And don´t be surprised if over the next few months, the coverage of negative news seems to snowball. The time is rife for change. That´s what the ascension meme is all about.

Just now, the top stories that induce fear and feelings of despair about the world are (in my opinion):  The cold war with Russia, possible war with Iran led by Israel, Turkey trying to get NATO to intervene in Syria and how rebels there are being armed by the US, perceived instability in Egypt due to the Muslim Brotherhood winning the election, The Sandusky Trial, The Vatican hiring a PR spokesperson from FOX news to help with its image, Tropical storm Debby, damning toxicology reports on the soil in Tokyo, arrest of Camorra Mafia “godmother” in Napoli , and the Center for Disease Control calling the Swine Flu a “pandemic”.  Not to mention Spain´s banks being downgraded by Moody and continued speculations about the Euro´s imminment collapse as the Greek Finance Minister quits.  I am sure I have forgotten many other fear-inducing things, but these are the ones I have just read today.

First of all, I recommend you stop watching TV and switch to internet for news. I read internet news because I can get a better overview of what propaganda is being spread (yes, really) and what alternative news outlets are saying, plus I can read cross-sections of the general public´s state of awareness by reader comments. I can also skip those ghastly mind-numbing commercials!  There´s also less of a brainwashing effect when you read the news, as opposed to hearing the same sound-clips and seeing the same (manipulated) images over and over. (Remember the same single image of Saddam Hussein´s statue being pulled down over and over on CNN for days?) The BBC is no angel, either.

Nevertheless, the coverage of world events is not equal, even on the internet, and one must always have her wits about her to make sure she isn´t naively swallowing whatever spin a certain paper or network is selling. Remember that news is a profit-driven industry, like any other, and there is no such thing as an unbiased account. Read different media sources, both mainstream and alternative to get a rounder picture. Especially read independent news, whose survival depends on reader donations, and not on Rupert Murdoch´s  megalomanic agenda, ahem.

So people, I know it is only human to be concerned with the wrong that is happening in the world. But if there is anything I can tell you now, it´s this:  Change is on the horizon. Things need to change and they are going to change, whether we like it or not. But HOW things are going to change is all up to us.  We are on the cusp of a world revolution, things are heating up now so quickly. Will we take this chance as a species to demand what we want?

Let me reiterate, it is what we do with this opportunity AS A PEOPLE that is going to determine how we come out the other end. Think of space-time now as a magical input – output machine. Here´s a picture to help you 🙂


We create our own realities by putting our input into the space-time machine! Either we can sit at home staring at the telly, griping and biting our nails or we can get angry, get loud, get together and get active.

If we get active, taking an interest in the things that concern us by grouping together and brainstorming solutions, by having our voices heard by the media, we will manage to get the outcomes we are looking for (eventually). Every crisis presents an opportunity for profound change. By nature destruction of the old leads to space to create something new.  As we watch the ship sinking around us, whether it´s the breakdown of the economy or peace talks or society´s health, our moral values, it´s no use being so stunned by the spectacle that we get sucked into the whirlpool. We have to swim away from what is not working and have something ready to fill the vacuum that will be left.  Because if we don´t do it, somebody else will (gladly) do it for us. Oh fuck me.

Ghandi is known to have said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Enough of giving away our power to those who we used to believe knew what was best for us. Do you still believe that the banks, the politicians, the doctors and pharmaceutical companies, NATO and the industrial military complex have our best interest in mind? Do you really believe them when they say you are too stupid to know how to solve your own problems?  Do you really want to continue to be so detached from your own lives and politics and laws that you won´t notice until they´ve taken our personal freedom away in the name of the ubiquitous invisible enemy, “terrorism”?

If this is all a bit overwhelming, just go back to the sofa and pop on the                                     .  Image

A better future for our children and grandchildren is what we NOW have the chance to mitigate.This could be our last window of opportunity. Occupy came and went without so much as a peep in the mainstream media. Do you know how much momentum massive media coverage would cause? We need to get louder! Yes, it´s appropriate to start getting worried.  The esteemed Noam Chomsky has likened humanity´s behavior with regards to its ecosystem to lemmings walking off a cliff! Lemmings! We can get worried and do nothing, drowning our sorrows in drink or new shoes or work or pornography, or we can get fed up and get smart, pulling our communities together to make our voices heard.

Our governments and agencies have failed us. But as long as we live in a democracy, it is our responsibility to bring attention to our plights. We don´t just elect politicians then do nothing when they become corrupt.

The next time you watch the news and you start to panic about the state of the world, remember your part in it. When your great-grand-kids are complaining about our good-for-nothing generation from their dystopic future, they won´t be wondering if you just sat back and changed the channel or if you got off the couch. They´ll know.



Update on the Light Body Process

Lots of changes in the last month, well since the May 20th eclipse and the May 14th activation day. Those days were upgrade days for me and the effects of that increased energy have left me feeling expanded, more certain about my current LBP, have also cleared the air in some other respects.

 I just want to give a quick update because I haven´t written anything for a while. WUB is going through a dormant period as I get rid of things that are no longer working for me and which are proving to be energy leaks. That includes one certain relationship that was not working but draining me of life force and a sense of joy. I assume what brought us together in the first place was unresolved karma, but mostly what I am taking from the whole experience is that it forced me to let go of a program in my subconscious relating to “saving other people” and “martyrdom”. I have come to yet another step in the spiral that is spiritual evolution: I realize that people need to take own steps and make their changes and leaps at their own pace. I am in no position to try to help others with their learning spirals right now. Not only because my soul is asking me to reserve all of my energy to work on my own stuff, but because it is not my responsibility to fix other people. My job here is to ground energy in my own body and allow the changes to take place that result from that grounding.

I am now going through a “spring cleaning” fever.  I have come down with the ascension flu again, just like the very first Gemini/ Saggitarius eclipse last June, so I know this is a cycle ending.  I feel my immune system is really ramped up. Lots of changes with my pineal gland as my sinuses drain and I experience massive headaches, zapping noises in my head and strange light codes. There are changes with the thymus gland as I acknowledge a sore throat, night-time cough, shoulder and neck pain and swollen lymphnodes. The higher chakra centers are getting a rehaul, it seems.

At the same time I wish to throw out anything that is in excess, like clothes and books that I don´t need.  Very strong impulses to clean the body and dreams of doing laundry.

Caffeine has to take a leave of absence for a while, something I had been trying to ignore. This may have to do with the heart chakra and palpitations that other Lightworkers are talking about. Perhaps we are becoming less tolerant to caffeine, just like alcohol. Currently I am off dairy and gluten, alcohol, and I don´t eat pork. Now it´s coffee as well as a lower intake of animal protein. I even go through days where I quasi fast: lemon water and fruits and vegetables. I do this instinctively and according to my body´s signals.

What else? As usual, looking at emotional programming and baggage and karmic residue. Letting go of collective programming and transforming any negativity with visualizations, meditations and decrees. Purification is so important now in the last stretch that I am doing this every day. Using healing decrees or invocations to the Angelic Realms or Ascended Masters as well as using the Violet Flame are the tools I feel most comfortable with to help me prepare for the “OM WAVE”, as St. Germain calls it, due to appear between June 20-24th.  Those will be days of massive upgrades and energetic downloads in the form of a giant wave of love.

I know I repeat myself, but that´s because purification and transformation of 3D programming and karmic residue is the core of the LBP. The more you have cleared up your emotional, mental, physical and astral bodies, the more angelic you´ll become.  We are transforming our carbon bodies into crystalline ones, which is an arduous and at times painful process. But for those of us near the end of this process, with very little clearing left to accomplish, we can use a very high portion of the light information from the OM WAVE in our own bodies to complete the carbon to crystal metamorphosis.

If you want to read the channeled message by St. Germain about the OM Wave, click here.

How about you? Where are you in your LBP? How is your clearing work going? What signals is your body giving you that your diet needs to change? What kinds of experiences is your Higher Self designing to help you let go of outmoded patterns?  How are your relationships faring as your resolve karma?

I´d love to hear about your processes. Why not leave a comment?

Wesak Full Moon Abundance Ritual

Is your bowl lacking abundance?  Or is it free of junk, with plenty of space for new bounty? Open yourself to new wealth with this simple, yet powerful ritual.

I´ve just come from reading Lena Steven´s monthly forecast on Committment at  You guys are lucky. Really lucky.  Because of that article, I have decided to openly publish the ritual that I would be performing for you at the official WUB opening tomorrow night. The reason is this: I am committing myself to service. Fully. No sitting on the fence. No trying to postpone the workshop until a later date so I can capitalize on it financially. Nope. I am publishing the ritual so that all of you can do it at home. Many people have written that they are out of town and want to do the ritual anyhow.  I can´t in good conscience say no.  The Wesak Full Moon is the biggest, brightest and most powerful moon of the whole year. This ritual will work. It worked for me last year big time.  All you have to do is really put some thought and effort into it.

You will need:  a white candle, a bowl or receptacle you can burn something in, your list, a small empty box or chest (the prettier the better), sage (optional).

Last post I told you how to write your list. This list is the most important part of the ritual. Hopefully, you´ve been collecting now for a few days all the negative tapescript in your head that tell you you can´t be wealthy, you can´t get what you need or want, you aren´t worth it, you don´t deserve it.  All this crap has got to go if you want to change your beliefs about material wealth.  What I heard from my inner self last year when I did this ceremony was this:  “If you are to become a Master, a true Master, then you must be a Master on all levels. Master of relationships, of health of spiritual integrity, and so you must also be a Master of material wealth. Of creating what you need, of manifesting your desires, of drawing wealth to you.  Material abundance is just another facet of reality. And there is nothing wrong with it. It is time for you to be a Master of money, too.”

That was rather long-winded, but it explains exactly what was holding me back. Once I got that, I was able to shift my thinking towards becoming more empowered on that level. It was my biggest block.

How to Do it

At night, when the moon is bright and full, light your white candle and sit quietly for a few moments, breathing deeply and rhythmically.  Read through your list and make sure there is nothing missing. Just pour it all out. All the negative belief patterns from your parents or peers that are keeping your from accepting money into your life. Write it all down.

When you feel ready, take your list and go out into the garden or onto the balcony with a smudge bowl, ceramic bowl or some receptacle you can safely use to contain a small fire.  Throw in a little sage into the bowl if you have some lying around.  Address the moon and your Highest Self and proclaim out loud that through the action of burning your list, you destroy (use the present tense!) now and forever the limiting values and thoughts that are keeping you from abundance.  Do this unhurriedly and really focus on your confidence before you set the match to paper. You want to muster as much committment to ridding yourself of these limiting beliefs as possible. That means you must also muster feelings that this ritual will work.  When you are certain that your burning of the list will get rid of those limiting beliefs, set the paper on fire in the bowl.  Watch it burn completely and keep thinking and feeling how those limiting beliefs are burning away with the smoke from the fire.

Take some time in silence to give thanks to the power of the moon and your Higher Self for helping you with the ritual.  Then go back inside.

Sit quietly for a moment in the stillness of your being. Try to find the place inside you that resonates completely with your spirit. What you are doing now is empowering yourself with your pure spirit.  It helps sometimes to envision a natural element or animal of power. You communicate with the spirit of a mountain or a tiger or a powerful storm. You ask that element to share its power with you.  Gather your power quietly for a few minutes.

Then take out a clean sheet of paper. On this paper slowly and mindfully write down at least ten, but even 20 empowering affirmations about wealth and prosperity in the present tense. I like to use fancy paper and a fountain pen, as if I am writing out a contract to myself. These are your new beliefs you are committing yourself to, so pay attention now!  Be mindful as you write of how true these affirmations are for you right now in this moment of empowerment. Such phrases could be

  • The universal supply is limitless and I am entitled to all beauty, bounty and abundance as my divine birthright.
  • The creator is my source of my supply and abundance.
  • Abundance in all forms flows to me easily in God´s perfect way.
  • I am infinitely abundant.
  • I am worthy of abundance and therefore all financial doors are open to me now.
  • I am the abundance of the universe.
  • The abundant wealth of the universe flows through me now.
  • I will allow the abundant good of the universe to manifest through me now, in my mind, emotions, body and affairs.  (Borrowed from Ronna Herman´s Scripting Your Destiny)

Any variations on these affirmations are acceptable, as long as they ring true to you and are stated in the present tense. I even repeat some that really resonate with me.

When you are finished with your new list of beliefs about money and abundance, put them in a special box. This box will be your abundance box or treasure chest. In this box you can put other items that symbolize abundance to you such as coins, gems, jewellery, any kind of precious objects.

You should also regularly put money in this box and use that money for luxury items. Don´t pay your bills with the money you put in this box! Show the universe that you feel abundant by allowing yourself to splurge a little. Take yourself out for dinner, buy a new book or cd, some clothes.  There needs to be interaction between you and your abundance box. Remember that money needs to circulate for it to come back to you. Regularly put money in there and then use it for something fun and frivolous or for something you´ve wanted for a long time. Spend the money on yourself.

Don´t forget that wealth means so much more than just money and “things”. Your health, your relationships, opportunities and creativity are all forms of wealth.  At night before bed you can go through your mind of all the things you feel lucky to have in your life. It´s just another ritual that focuses your power and imagination on the feelings of gratefulness for what you have, and not for what you lack.  Manifestation is about charging your thoughts with feelings and making room for what you feel you deserve in your life.

At the end of the ritual, simply blow out the white candle you lit and turn the lights back up.

I would love to hear any reports on the success of your ritual in days and weeks to come. Please do leave a comment!  Have an amazing Wesak Moon!!

Love Croaker

Intelligent Design, Super Biological Entities and Control Mechanisms

In the last article I mentioned how if we want to manifest directly what we program ourselves to do, we must get junk out of the way that keeps us from sending out clear signals.  I called it finding our own zero point.  That meant deleting old programs that no longer serve us to get back to the roots of our amazing potential as super-human biological entities. I say super-human because today we´ll examine how our very biological design enables us to interface with our holographic reality to create experiences.

To get a grip on what you are sending out (and getting back), it helps to have an understanding of how the human body works. In a nutshell, we are like transistor radios and our chips are DNA. Did you know about the tremendous potential for cellular DNA to replace traditional silicon chips in new computer processors? Apparently this is a very hot topic because DNA has a far higher storage capacity. It´s innate natural design mimics our silicon chips.  So only in this one way, is the human form akin to a biological computer.

But I don´t want to reduce the human being to a machine!  Not only can we contemplate ourselves, we can design, learn, interpret, transcend rules, and most importantly, we can feel. What kind of computer do you know that can feel? We are not computers. And while I don´t need to list all the ways that the human body baffles scientists, doctors, athletes and artists alike to convince you of our highly sophisticated design, I do recommend regularly observing the wonders of the human body.  Given this sophistication, how unlikely is it that given the right coding and environment, we wouldn´t be able to manifest what we want? It would be like having an amazing computer processor that couldn´t handle running the internet.

Speaking of the world wide web, the earth uses an electrical grid of pure crystalline light to run its holographic programs. This crystalline grid encircles the earth in the shape of a net, connecting humans, animals, nature and all living creatures within a certain frequency band. The net itself sustains the holographic frequency of the gestalt of our collective consciousness. It comprises the sacred geometry behind form here on earth, much like how a steel frame forms the skeleton for a building. Human beings are able to plug into the grid, either to power it with our collective thoughts and feelings, or ride it much like a surfer rides a wave.

As electrical beings, humans receive and send out signals. Look at your skin, full of nerve receptors. When we touch a hot stove, those sensory receptors register the impulse, which then travels via the nervous system to the human brain. The human brain then decodes the signal into heat, and then it sends out another signal so that we remove our hand from the stove.  This is all done at amazing speed and without conscious thinking!

Similarly, our brain organizes information that is collected via our visual organs and the smooth coordination of these processes is what enables us to perceive what´s around us. If you really want to contemplate the brain´s function as a descrambler of signals, I suggest reading the case studies compiled in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, by Oliver Sacks.  Holograms work in a similar function. To read more about the ground-breaking discovery of how our universe may be holographic, Michael Talbot´s Holographic Universe is the go-to guide.

Being aware of how our body and brain works from a scientific point of view combined with the knowledge of how we interact with the ecosystem of Earth can help us not only as individuals, but as a species! Humans need to begin to contemplate and appreciate the sophistication of their biological design.  Perhaps this would lead us to start acting like the powerful beings they we are instead of the helpless victims of our circumstances we are programmed to believe- a philosophy perpetuated by both science and religion, two of the most undeserving “authorities” of our societies to receive our blind allegiance.

Darwin´s Theory of Evolution is a theory, it is not a scientific law, yet many scientists and professors perpetuate its fallacy, willfully ignoring its discrepancies- not to mention mathematical improbability. My view is that this is a direct result of the scientific community´s inability to bridge science with spirituality or even metaphysics. (Thankfully there is one man, physician and scientist, Dr. Georgi Stankov, who is actively trying to change that. You can read about his theory of Universal Law in English and in German here.) There is also evidence that scientific law has hardly changed at all since the 1700s. We still undisputedly follow Newton´s law of gravity, for example, despite our having much more sophisticated tools and an understanding of physics than those available when Newton and his apple were around.  Just think about how much your cell phone has changed since 1985 to get an idea of what I mean by this. Is our allegiance to classical theories strictly scientific or fanatical? This is a growing topic in scientific circles, and if you look in the right places you can find more information on how whistleblowers are starting to speak out on the dogma apparent in the scientific arena.

Religion is in much need of reform. I will rant about Christianity because it is the one I have most intimate knowledge of.  Christianity dumbs us down in the world view it espouses. You can´t even call it philosophy because it is void of any logical reasoning.  Humans are adrift on a planet born of original sin with no way of accessing God except through priests (who may or may not resort to pedophilia to channel their sexual repression), shoveled a mythical creation story in place of a reasonable explanation of our true ancestry, governed by a vengeful, all-seeing God and destined to be judged by him at the end of his one earthly life (there´s no mention of re-incarnation in the bible).  Let´s not forget the fear and control mechanism of Hell firmly in place to perpetuate the sadistic notion that god is judgmental and mean- the opposite of what we would expect from a god who created us to occupy his garden of Eden.  Christianity is askew with contradictions and misinterpretations, yet it is the most practiced religion in the world.

Christianity, in my opinion, is one of the most disempowering religions since believers are encouraged to give up all their reasoning and questioning. Look at the much quoted phrase “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”.   Although death is a very prevalent occurrence in our world, we are discouraged from questioning it. Just chalk it up to the whims of an egomaniac in the clouds. Mere mortal man cannot understand god´s mysterious ways.

In my view, both science and religion throughout the ages have been mere control mechanisms thinly veiled as the worship of chaos! Chaos and nonsense is not how our world works. There are physical laws and spiritual laws and when they are bridged together, you´d see how knowing those laws empower human beings and even help to improve quality of life in some cases.  Religion is very sneaky in that it mixes half-truths in with the lies to make you feel better about your miserable life. It isn´t called the opium for the masses for nothing. For fundamentalists, if you dare question the gospel, the word of god, well, that´s just blasphemy, and in religious sects there´s nothing worse than being labeled a non-believer. You have to heed the herd mentality.

But why should I give up my (divinely bestowed) reasoning for blind faith? It is high time we took our heritage into our own hands and began to question the flow of information available to us concerning our origins.  Just where did we come from? The human prototype just might be one of the most sophisticated designs ever created. I think it´s ludicrous to assume that we evolved from bacteria or single celled organisms just through random mutation.  Nor do I buy that we were created from “clay”.  The truth has to lie somewhere between these two myths. Could we have been designed by off-world intelligent beings with a knowledge of genetics? Have you ever asked yourself how many different animal species the Earth has and why they are so intelligently designed as to completely adapt to their environment?  To me they look like some other world´s tour de force, pieces of art created with great pride and insight.

The next time you watch the dexterity or coordination of a professional ballet dancer or violinist, the next time you watch small children, observing how with time they learn to operate and gain dexterity over their bodies, ask yourself, could the amazing human body just have developed randomly in response to our changing environment? And if so, then why haven´t we developed the ability to transport ourselves to other locations and grown our brains to match the increasing demands of a globalized society?  Why haven´t we learned to activate what scientists call our “junk” DNA?

Today I leave you with some big questions to ponder as it is only through the medium of thinking, of using our incredible power of reasoning that we can ever hope to save our planet and its people from its demise. I realize I might sound melodramatic, but the fact remains: we are destroying our planet and societies faster each year.  We MUST start acting like the intelligent beings we are, growing up and accepting the responsibility to govern ourselves. No more sticking our heads in the sand and ignoring the signs around us. The future calls for us to engage our big brains and stop giving our power away to outmoded, dogmatic institutions.

In my humble opinion, we can do much better than this.

Love Croaker.

Tabula Rasa- Healing the Fragmented Self

In previous posts I have stressed how crises and life-changing events initiate us into spiritual adulthood.  Part of this transition involves recognizing that materialism is not the goal of your current incarnation. This has to do with deepening the human experience to encompass not only mind, body and emotions, but now to include the spiritual realm.  Until one acknowledges the spiritual dimension of the earth experience, one remains a “young soul”.

Before we can fully benefit from the instant powers of manifestation that accompany higher frequency bandwidth, we ourselves must resonate to that bandwidth. That involves having control over our emotions, behaviors and thoughts. Who wants to be instantly manifesting negative experiences and random thoughts?   Not me,  thank you very much.

We are in training for the higher dimensions. Did you know that?  A rare cosmic alignment will present opportunities for all souls in our galaxy to jump frequencies. If you have “completed” your training, you´ll have the chance to join one of the Earth´s parallel consciousness, an upgrade to a 5th dimensional bandwidth, said to occur on or before December 2012. If you´ve ever communicated with nature or felt her living presence, you know that Earth is a living being with an enormously generous soul, and every soul has the chance to evolve, no matter the pace. Much like how suns and stars evolve, planets change, too.  Much of the current discussion in New Age circles revolves around not if but when this transition is to occur.  But I digress.

As we move from a 3D world into a 5D one, which includes the Spiritual dimension, we as a species which depends on our ecosystem for survival will also need to have an upgraded operating system that can interface with the new software. This means that our bodies as well as consciousness will need to change to be able to hold higher dimensional frequencies such as love, compassion, understanding, equanimity, charity and finally, instant manifestation, all of which are synonymous with the higher dimensions. So how do we do that?

To begin to vibrate at that level, we will have to match the resonance of what is called, the “zero point energy” of pure consciousness. This requires inner work and only when we have deleted old emotional and behavioral programs from our operating systems will we return to zero. (By old I mean limiting, hindering and reactionary behaviors that stem from emotional trauma.)  What you are looking to achieve, to continue with the computer analogy, is a virus-free operating system from which our commands can be executed without impediment. Then it will be all systems go. In fact, there are people who already mainly operate from this fulcrum of pure consciousness and if you were to ask them, they´d recount how they manifest almost instantly what they need to be happy.

The trick is clearing out these viruses. Deleting old programmed behavior is no easy feat but it isn´t as difficult as say, quitting smoking. You just need to have the right tools and now with the internet it is becoming much easier to find a method for clearing old patterns that works for you.  And I will be mentioning those that I have had great success with in future articles.

First of all, you should know that there are different steps involved in getting back to Tabula Rasa, or a clean slate. First you must have the desire to change and go inward to face your issues.  The fact that you are still reading this article means that you have probably got that underway.  Secondly, you need to start paying attention to your thought processes in order to identify exactly which issues call for healing.  That can be aided through journaling, as writing down your daily thoughts (but not showing them to anyone!) trains you to become more conscious of your thoughts and defense mechanisms.  Thirdly, and most importantly, you must acknowledge that you are a spiritual being and that this fact means you have at your disposal your own Higher Self, guides, angels, saints, and especially All That Is for the transition from fragmented self to whole.

If you do not believe in a benevolent god-force, it will be very difficult for you to heal. So if you have been indoctrinated with ideas of a wrathful, vengeful god, I suggest contemplating icons of compassion such as Mother Mary, Quan´Yin, Mother Earth, or the Goddess to help you wrap your head around the idea of a compassionate, merciful and loving god-force.  You can offer a prayer if you feel comfortable doing that; but simply contemplating these icons will help you to naturally attune to the energy of compassion.

The reason why compassion is so integral to healing the fragmented self is that many of the deep-seated behavioral patterns, defense mechanisms and feedback programs are directly related to our relationships with our parents. The parental relationship is the human reflection of the spiritual relationship between god and soul, and it is a poor substitute. On Earth, the concept of divine love simply cannot be accurately represented due to the dualistic nature of the Earth hologram. Down here, we feel separated from All That Is.  This leads to distorted ideas of what human love is, and those ideas are passed down from parent to child in the most formative years of our lives.  We latch onto those values and we perpetuate them until we become conscious that they are in need of healing or re-alignment.

Unconditional, or divine, love does not often exist between parent and child. How often can you recall doing something that a parent disapproved of, then the parent removing his or her love for you as a punishment?  Exactly. You know what I mean. It is almost inevitable that as a child you will confuse rejection with parental love.  I acted badly, mummy got angry, she slapped me, she was terse, whatever.

Children and infants operate mainly from the emotional centers because the brain hasn´t yet fully developed. I mean, I´m sure you know adults who seem to be big emotional children!  As children we don´t have any idea how we form our values.  So we interpret them wrongly. We make assumptions based on defense mechanisms. We interpret these signals in a way that makes sense to our ego because if we didn´t make sense of this confusing behavior, the program would break (our egos would crack and we´d go crazy).  It doesn´t make sense to the ego that mummy would be angry if we were perfect. Remember, our brains do the job of interpreting our holographic reality. So the most logical interpretation becomes, “I am bad and that´s why mummy was angry”.  From here we develop (and hold onto) perverted values that equate parental love with rejection and pain. (Sadomasochism is a reflection of this kind of deep programming).  True divine love can never be experienced in the human paradigm as long as we are continue to equate behavior with self worth.

It´s a case of classical conditioning, which can be re-programmed. We do that by re-parenting ourselves. Correctly this time, by loving ourselves unconditionally. We must have mercy on ourselves. We must stop judging ourselves and realize that we are not bad or unworthy. We may have made poor choices or acted inappropriately, but we really were just doing our best given the consciousness we had at the time of our behavior. This may be the most crucial part of learning to accept who we are. Stepping out of judgment to assess that we are NOT OUR behavior. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I will leave you with this to contemplate as this article has gotten rather long: Inside, we are perfectly intact, we are divine sparks, reflections of All That Is, and no human experience can taint our inner core.  In previous articles, we´ve talked about how it´s limiting to equate self worth with your performance in your role as a mother or daughter or executive.  Keeping along these lines, it would also be inappropriate to equate your self worth and your identity with your behavior.

I think we are probably both exhausted at this point. Go on and give yourself a pat on the back. Getting a grip on the concept of self-compassion is the first big key to becoming whole again.  Let´s pick up again next week with an overview of different healing modalities for healing the fragmented self.

I offer you my full support in your journey to self-healing,

with very much love,


Free Will and Manifesting Your Heart´s Desires

Can You Manifest All that You Desire?

The nature of reality by default is designed for the purpose of creation and in the last article on how our emotions and thought patterns impress a signal into the very fabric of space-time, we learned how as observers or participants, we help shape our experience of reality. Bringing to us people, jobs, houses, accidents, ailments, recognition, money, over and over we draw to us what we focus on and resonate with, whether consciously or unconsciously.  This is often referred to as the law of attraction.  But just how much control are we able to consciously exert over that law? Can we really always get what we want?

There are two variables that interfere with our ability to manifest what we desire.  The first is our soul blueprint, or what some people refer to as destiny.  The second has to do with just how much junk we have in our energetic fields that keep us from resonating in perfect harmony with zero point energy. Today´s article tackles the former.

You might not believe that you have any degree of control over your circumstances. Until now perhaps you´ve felt that the events in your life have been rather random. You got that job with the bully boss at the bank. Your second child was born with a heart defect. You traveled to Australia one summer and there you met your future wife, from whom you would divorce only six years later. You call this coincidence or even bad fortune. Maybe you call it a bad choice.  But from a spiritual perspective, the encounter is a gift of learning and while it might have been painful, it added depth to your character and to your experience in this lifetime.  The question is, did you “attract” that experience?

Since science has not endeavoured (or been given funding) to put destiny, karma or hardly any spiritual phenomena under the microscope, I cannot cite you any particular study for proof. This is rather sad and is considered by some to be in itself just another indication of how the flow of information is stemmed to keep the general public dumbed down and disempowered. It is only when you look at these events from a spiritual perspective that it becomes apparent that, contrary to popular belief and religious indoctrination, they are not random.  On a soul level, indeed you planned certain pivotal events and made contracts prior to incarnation with those key players wittingly for the purpose of soul growth. And if you are in the transition from Young to Adult soul, choosing to ignore signals from your soul to become aware of this magical dimension of Earthly life will invariably result in even more dramatic events to capture your attention.

But what about minor things, do you attract those, too?  While minor events are not pre-scheduled into the soul blueprint, they can be attracted if the variables are all in place for them to occur. If you constantly worry about getting into a car accident at a certain intersection down the road from your house, in my view, you are more likely to have an accident there than if you never gave thought to such an idea.  This again has to do with our natural ability as creator beings. Sometimes you meet people randomly, at a party or a bus stop. You form a short-lived relationship.  Maybe there never was anything for you to learn from each other and you find you don´t have that much in common. This was not a major event that you “attracted” to your energy field. You simply created the experience by participating in it when the opportunity arose.

This last example is a good one for how the concept of free will works.  Not everything is scripted or fated. In fact, I am not convinced that major events can always be coordinated accurately. I think they rely on previous choices, much like how a path narrows down to one probability as multiple paths are abandoned or ignored. The players involved have to choose to participate (make decisions) for events to pan out.  If player A had not decided to speak to player B at the bus stop, regardless of the scenario (late bus, witness to an accident in front of the bus stop), the situation of those players becoming friends never would have occurred.  Each person has the free will to decide to participate in their version of reality, at each moment in time. This is where the “Live in the Now” phrase comes from. Zen awareness challenges you to become aware of each moment so you can consciously choose your behavior and thoughts, and not go about life on auto-pilot.

Now let´s move on to conscious creation. A book came out in 2006 called The Secret, which purported that manifesting your heart´s desires on this plane was based on the law of attraction.  All you had to do was resonate to the frequency of the thing you were trying to bring into your life. Similarly, the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” used (the same argument as I have) the Observer effect to prove how the very fabric of our universe is conducive to spontaneous creation. Suddenly the buzz was everywhere.  That 5 million dollar house you´ve always wanted? It can be yours! Just close your eyes and concentrate on being grateful. Fame? Make a dream board! Get out of the way and let it happen! And if you weren´t manifesting those things, it was because you just weren´t trying hard enough.

It´s no wonder several parodies of The Secret ensued. The law of attraction, a complex metaphysical topic requiring years of ruthless inner pruning to master,  had been over-simplified into something marketable for the mainstream. I am an optimistic person and there´s nothing more I´d rather see than everyone living in sprawling mansions with fruit trees in the backyard and the leisure to indulge in full-time education.  But what I cannot subscribe to is the idea that if you just “concentrate hard enough”, your wildest fantasies will come true.  Yes, the quantum universe is flexible. Yes, we are creator beings. Yes, the law of attraction exists, but unlike a simple cheesecake recipe, all the variables for these complex experiments (which involve people and their moment to moment choices!) have to be in the right place for a successful outcome.  And one ingredient or variable that no-one seems to talk about is something called a soul blueprint.  Even Mick Jagger, one of the luckiest dudes alive, knows that you can´t always get what you want.

…But, you´ll get what you need to help you fulfill your soul blueprint.  Really. Let me explain. If you incarnated to experience poverty and that was one of the core issues you decided to tackle in this lifetime, poverty is going to be in your blueprint. It will be your so called “destiny” at some point in your life. (I don´t like the term destiny because it sounds so permanent).  Poverty may or may not pervade your entire life, but until your soul has decided that it has sufficiently grown from its experience of poverty, that variable will not shift.  Free will exists in alignment with our souls’ purpose here. And this is why it may seem that sometimes no matter how much you may want something, feel entitled to it, have the skills and persist, that wish does not fulfill.

This is no reason to throw a tantrum. Especially if it is a big thing like becoming famous, launching a major business enterprise or having a child, you might have to stop and ask yourself, why do I want this?  Is it to placate some part of my ego or instinctual nature? Does society deem it important? Does my desire for this thing/ event align with my values?  Even still, you may not be able to fulfill the wish. Or, while attempting to fulfill it you may be led to a life-changing experience. While this may sound rather frustrating, look on the bright side: You wouldn´t be having these issues with the material plane if you weren´t destined to grow beyond it. That´s because these are problems reserved for Adult Souls. Think of it like graduating from middle school. You´re moving up! And I don´t know anyone who, despite what they say, really wants to be back in middle school again.

Say you want to build X. You are confident you can create this.  But during your trials and tribulations you meet someone who ends up becoming your partner in a new endeavour, called Y.  Plan Y actually pans out while plan X never quite gets off the ground.  But pursuing plan X allowed you to create something that most likely changed your life (plan Y), and therein lies the beauty. I´m sure you´ve heard the old adage, “one door closes and a window opens”.

We can continue to be pleasantly surprised by our life paths in spite of our choosing what roads we go down. It is empowering to play this creation game because essentially, although there are a certain degree of limitations, we can in fact shape our lives. It gets even better when we learn to trust that there is a part of ourselves that knows what´s best.  This is when we are “tuned in” to our soul´s blueprint. When we start paying attention to the spiritual flow of our life, we get feedback from our soul. It´s like having your very own personal life coach, but one who is tuned in to the real reason you are here.

He/ she has a vantage point that when trusted can help us make better decisions. Life starts to flow in the direction we “want it”.  We align ourselves with the soul blueprint, we learn our lessons and then we can move out of the karmic cycle (learning our lessons) into a more mature phase of creation.  The hard part lies in honing our ability to tune in and become “cosmic antennae”, which again calls for quieting the mind through meditative arts in such a fast-paced world with plenty of psychic interference. It also involves strengthening your faith in a compassionate god-force, one that allows each of us to have direct access to the knowledge and resources we need while we are sojourning on Earth, a concept that many societies have no understanding of.

More on that another time.  Stay tuned for part 2 on how clearing your emotional trauma clears the path for soul maturity and faster manifestation of abundance.

Until next week.


Video Games

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”           – David Icke

Who am I? Why am I here, on Earth?  Have you come down with ascensionitis?  When did you start asking yourself these questions?  When you do begin this journey into self-awareness, you will be amazed at how deep the rabbit hole goes. And it will take you to new depths in your ability to be happy and reap rewards in your creativity and relationships.

The answer to all your problems lies in your ability to gain perspective on what your life means.  To the scientists among you, please don´t write in telling me that my own personal experience or anecdotes fail to constitute legitimate proof of this grand statement. Personal experiences are real and valid, and just because they might not be able to be reproduced in a controlled laboratory setting does not automatically reduce them to fantasy or speculation.  The scientific method we have been conditioned to accept as the only means to validating hypotheses is a control mechanism. It keeps subversive ideas from entering the mainstream consciousness by dismissing them as kooky and “unscientific”.  (And yes, empowering human beings is subversive to the controllers of our planet.)

The truth is, your own personal journeys and the wisdom you gather along the way should be respected for their power to initiate long-lasting positive change.  The term spiritual initiation neatly reflects what I believe tribulations and crises have to offer in terms of the potential for growth.  How does one begin to attract these types of life-changing experiences? Refusing to question or correctly understand the meaning of one´s life will, depending on the age of the soul, directly lead to dramas or turning points in one´s life. These turning points then determine the direction of your life story and the unfoldment of the next series of major events in alignment with your individual “soul blueprint”.

The soul blueprint can be described as your soul´s mission for this incarnation.  Usually a soul blueprint focuses on lessons in values, compulsive behaviors, addictions, relationships, creative potential, resislience in the face of disaster or disease, and myriad other aspects designed to make the soul contemplate itself.  These dramatic events are coordinated by the soul to especially direct the human experience towards spirituality for the purpose of soul evolution.

It is in this sense that the idea of karma in its most basic form, is such a gift.  Karma is an issue that is carried over from a past life to be resolved in this one. Karma helps us navigate this holographic reality we call Life on Earth. If we chose to look at karmic events and issues from a spiritual perspective, we would quickly realize that life is not random and meaningless. There are distinct patterns, cycles and issues intelligently designed to make us sit up and take notice.  Karma is compassion. It is the Godforce, All That Is, saying, hey, look around you, you created this. Your actions reverberate in the fabric of life. There is a highly responsive interface for this game and the joystick is your Will.

When you are able to take a dramatic event as an opportunity to learn something, you are using that experience for the purpose in which it was created. And I say “created”, because there is no god-man with a white beard sitting up in a cloud, or an impersonal universe conjuring up random constellations for their own sadistic entertainment. YOUR soul creates these experiences on a higher level and YOU draw them to you at certain times in your life in order to fulfill the soul blueprint  YOU designed (with the help of guides and older souls) before YOU willingly incarnated on this planet.

It is therefore important to begin to recognize that certain events in your life, while they may not have been scripted or fated,  present opportunities to resolve issues that were meant to be resolved in your present incarnation. How you deal with those issues is left up to you. How they present themself to you in your unpredicatble web of life is up to you.  But the core issues remain the ones that need your attention and you´ll notice how they creep up again and again until you are forced to ask, “why does this keep happening to me?”

Life is an interactive video game. It´s not a spectacle. You design it, you work it, you influence many things in your life with your thoughts and feelings.  I am no physicist; but I am convinced that our electrical impulses and magnetic charges are what impress upon the fabric of life to create our experiences. I have observed, with intense scrutiny, how our outer life honestly reflects our projected thoughts and feelings.

You chose to be born to learn, but you should also know that there is no obligation to do so. Nothing will happen if you don´t learn, other than most likely re-incarnating again with similar issues.  What I am trying to say is that the meaning of life is simply to experience.

That is why you´ll see that pretty much anything goes on this planet. It´s one of the reasons why people choose to be atheists or even nihilists:  on the surface there seems to be no logical reason for being here. You can be a murderer and a thief and “get away with it”.  You can be a philanthropist and a martyr and experience deep injustice, hardship and pain.  Earth is a hard-core learning interface and as such, it is chosen by incarnating souls to get a gritty, authentic, first hand “human experience”.  Evolution happens all throughout the universe in myriad ways but Earth is a popular choice among brave souls who want an intensive or fast-track course especially on human emotions.  Here, you´ve got the free will to do what you like and to really see how your actions impact your relationships and emotions. It is the ultimate video game!

How aware you are once you incarnate, how much you use the “interface” of hologram that is life on earth, is indeed the biggest challenge of being here.  The less aware you are, the more senseless life seems, and the harder it is to manipulate the reality to reflect what you really want to experience.  It is an interactive platform, this life here on Earth.  And if you don´t know the rules of the game, it can be a nightmare.  In fact, life here HAS become a nightmare simply because the information that humans need to lead better lives is concealed from them. Instead of being empowered with the knowledge of how to play the game so we can benefit from it, we wander around blindly, giving our power away to corporations whose agendas involve keeping us dumb, medicated, entertained, aroused and shopping!

The truth is, we weren´t just thrown down here without any resources whatsoever.  That would be rather cruel and All That Is is not cruel. Intsead we have a lifeline to the divine life force which is all knowing and all powerful.  Becoming aware of this lifeline will help you to solve your incarnation tasks faster and generally make navigating this 3D hell-hole a bit easier.  Meditation is the major key to gaining access to this lifeline.

When you meditate, you are able to shut out the external stimuli and focus on the information available to you from your Godself, or soul. You have to quiet the mind to reach heaven and all its wonder (self love, infinite knowledge, power, etc.).  The soul, by its very nature of being an individual shard of All That Is, can access the profound knowledge, power, creativity and grace that is embodied by All That Is.  Usually the human inability to love oneself prevents most people from even believing that this kind of lifeline is available.  Meditation also helps in this respect: as you begin to hear the tranquility of your inner self and let yourself be, without the judgemental natter of your ego-mind, you are able to see your divine perfection as a soul. You learn to separate soul and psyche,  stop identifying with your human ego and align yourself with the soul.

This is the first step to learning to master the Earth hologram for your own benefit.   Next week we will look a little more closely at the concept of free will and your soul blueprint.

Until then,

Love Croaker.