I AM Mastery Series Workshops

These chakra workshops have been especially designed for beginners and there are no pre-requisites to take part, yet more advanced participants (ie. indigos, crystals, starseeds) will also find the class helpful in pushing beyond any “plateaus” related to specific chakra imbalances.  They are presented as isolated workshops that can build upon one another.

These workshops are partially based on the I AM MASTERY SERIES by Ronna Herman and her work with Archangel Michael, most notably from their joint book, Scripting Your Destiny.

Course Description

These workshops focus on  1) Meditation with a view to hearing your authentic self and getting to know your individual “god spark”. 2) The very important clearing of emotional dross and toxic behaviors that get in the way of a happy, creative and empowered existence.  These are the two pillars of these seminars at the beginner´s level.

More advanced students will reap benefits on subtler,  multi-dimensional levels as they begin to embody their new integrated spiritual personas and manage to assimilate increased levels of pure loving energy currently being emitted from the cosmos.

Please come willing to share thoughts and feelings on your own personal development as there is group work involved. You may also wish to bring a notebook and pen.

Who are these seminars designed for?

– You wish to clear up emotional issues that are keeping you from achieving your goals or having the life you want.

– You are confused by a series of changes in your life and seek spiritual guidance or support.

– You seek spiriutal support along your unique journey in self-discovery and/or your acitve participation in spiritual seeking leads you to try new things for self-development.

What are the aims of these workshops?

-To teach tools to help you connect with your ´true self´ or ‘god self’.

– To procure feelings of empowerment and learn tools to help you navigate the murky waters of change, upheaval and doubt.

– To learn techniques and methods to heal the fragmented self or soul issues which have appeared throughout our lives as a result of karmic attachments or familial relationships.

-To begin to let go of outmoded beliefs, habits and behaviors.

– To help you to identify that which you came here to achieve, or your life´s mission on Earth by examining recurring issues and dramas.


9 responses to “Workshops

  1. hi debra..
    id like to attend your work shop. sounds perfect.

    starting june 17th? thanks

    • Hi James

      Great that you are thinking of attending….first will need at least 2 others to get the workshop going. Will let you know as soon as I have enough people. Dates are flexible. Thanks!

  2. ok count me in x

  3. Hi Debra
    Is there any workshops programmed for december?

  4. I would like to know if there are workshops programmed for January. Thank you. D.

  5. Hey guys….if you have the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Debra … do not hesitate …a lot of fun and wisdom, very interesting inner insights,warm and intimate hambiente, a delicious yogi tee and a huuuuge couch are waiting for you 🙂

    So…for when the next one?

    Best Regards


    • Nestor, muchas gracias, cari. There WILL be another one this month. Stay tuned for news on the Sacral Chakra and Meditation workshop in Feb on a Saturday this time. Hasta pronto!

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